JJill with babyFor me dressing the post-partum body is the hardest. I’m fragile and it takes me a good number of months to get even close to pre-pregnancy size. Everything changes and is moving back into place, not to mention if you’re a breastfeeding women you have a whole new size to fit under your shirts. I also want comfortable pieces that can move with me, especially when I have a baby with me 24/7. This is where J.Jill and their comfortable, stylish pieces come into play once again in my wardrobe… their styles are loose, yet still have a feminine fit that you can feel comfortable in no matter what size you are. Lets take a look at how I’m dressing the post-partum body in J.Jill after baby number five and 2.5 weeks post-partum. JJill Post PartumBeginning of September, we’re looking at fall pieces mixed with summer. This is the Wearever Long Tank top in black and is a bit longer (just covers your booty) yet still fits nicely across the chest and in your arms. I still have a pooch for my belly and I love how it hides it wonderfully. Incredibly comfortable, easy to nurse in and can easily be mixed and matched with skirts, jeans, or dress pants. JJill Fall OutfitHere I’m wearing the Wearever Long Tank Top under a cream sweatshirt like moto jacket. Easily dresses it up just a bit, paired with compassion fund heart bracelet that I also love to wear as a necklace. You’ve probably spotted it over on instagram a time or two, I wear it daily as a bracelet. I’m also smitten with these Noa Wedges in grey. They zip up the back, with just a slight wedge and wrap around the ankle. Comfortable and fashionable. You’ll be seeing more of these later this week, but how cute are they with this pink dress & white dress? JJill Post Partum Poncho LookAs fall is in our grasps, you can’t go wrong with a poncho and the Wearever Asymmetrical Poncho’s are fantastic, this is in the paisley print but they also have black. It’s great for layering over your favorite tank, I’m wearing the wearever long black tank and if you’re a nursing mother this is fantastic as well. JJill Poncho Post PartumSuch basic pieces that really add style to your wardrobe without trying very hard. Throw on your favorite jeans, black flats, tank top and a poncho to be pulled together in no time. This is how I go about dressing my post-partum body with J.Jill. Stay tuned as I share how I’m dressing with pieces that look great and function as a momma to a newborn.

Samples were provided, all opinions are my own.