Tidbits of the week…

  1. Baby girl turned six weeks. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE! Time is going by so quick, yet so slowly at the same time. My sister gave me all of her little girls clothes, so my oldest daughter (that seems strange to say, my oldest daughter!) has been having tons of fun playing dress up with her.leopard top jeans
  2. We visited a friend this week. My little guy had a blast with one of his friend and it was good for us to finally venture out a bit more… oh and I & I haven’t realized how much I missed friend time. Getting caught up and enjoying their company. Just what we needed. leopard topI decided to buy some more jeans, I can’t fit into my regular jeans (not even close) and my maternity jeans are all getting too big, so I got these straight leg, distressed jeans from Blank Denim & a pair of skinny jeans! I feel so much better. This top is from Paisley Boutique that I got last Christmas season. I LOVE IT! It’s kind of a mesh material on the sleeves and cotton middle. Shoes are black flats from Brian James. Side braid for the win. IMG_9146
  3. I can tell I’m an experienced older momma this time around and in a good way. I’ve breastfed all my babes, but this baby, I’m nursing wherever and whenever. My little guy was playing on my phone and snagged this photo of us at hockey practice. I also got a big “thank you” from a family in Arby’s this week too. I’m discreet, but when baby needs to eat, baby needs to eat.IMG_9044
  4. Thought I’d share this instagram selfie because it’s a Walmart tee people and though I don’t buy really any clothing other than some athletic things here or there from Walmart, this tee has been a lifesaver. It fits great and since I’m actually changing sizes at a pretty good speed it was greatly affordable. It looks super cute with a grey cardigan as well! IMG_9122
  5. AND.. just a reminder for all you momma’s out there with new ones. ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT! We’re soaking in cuddles and kisses and really.. all that other crap can wait. If you have a toddler/preschooler and a new babe.. it can be a challenge. We do book time when nursing or just cuddle up all together.

Thanks for stopping by for real mom style and tidbits from the week! I have so many great things this week, so stop by again soon!