IMG_8408I’ve been a huge babywearing advocate since I first started having children 11 years ago. I’ve been able try and use a number of different kinds, styles and brands of baby carriers/wraps and continue to learn even now with baby number five. Recently I had the opportunity to use the sleeveless mei tai wrap available from Milk and Baby. Allowing for skin-to-skin contact & that kangaroo care that babies love.

The Sleeveless Mei Tai wrap was new to me and I admit I was a bit reluctant to really want to try it. After all it’s a sleeveless shirt that you put on and then it can wrap around you and tie if you’re not wearing baby and then when you’re ready to wear baby, you tuck babe in the front and wrap and tie with baby right next to you.mei tai wrap

If wearing the mei tai wrap alone (with no baby) there is a panel in the middle (this part is over your chest) that buttons and unbuttons and then the longer straps wrap around. This panel makes for a modest top and you can breastfeed easily. Unbutton on the side and pull panel down, pull the long wrap part to the side to expose breast from the side or pull long wrap up and expose breast from under the wrap (long piece of fabric) and pull panel aside. Being that fashion is something high on my radar, I do not wear this out of the house, but it’s amazing for at home!

The mei tai wrap is incredibly easy to get baby in and out. All you do is unbutton the front to give yourself more flexibility, slide baby in and button back. Then cross the long straps of fabrics across and tie in back or in front depending on your size. Adjust the fabric for support, & the perfect height for skin to skin; baby should be just up high enough for a head kiss.Mei Tai Skin to skin

Milk and Baby has the mei tai wrap available in three colors and in six different sizes. I’m wearing the size large and it has fit perfectly since right when baby was born and still postpartum six weeks. This skin-to-skin mei tai wrap is for birth to 15 lbs, so depending on the size of your baby will be how long this wrap lasts.

Overall I’ve been very happy with the VIJA design, sleevesless Mei Tai wrap top and would definitely recommend for women (and men for that matter) looking for a more skin-to-skin wrap that’s easily worn and easy to use. Visit Milk and Baby for maternity and nursing apparel along with this wrap and more mommy and baby products.Mei Tai Wrap Win

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