Make breastfeeding easier . . . well, I guess you could say that depends on each women, but I’ll give you a few tips on what makes it easier for me. I’ve exclusively breastfed all four of my older children until around two years of age & currently breastfeeding baby girl number five, and we’re going strong at seven weeks. I never had any doubts about breastfeeding and knew that was the only option I wanted to take, I had a great support system and went with it.. for this I know I am blessed and that’s not every mother’s case. breastfeeding easier

My few tips to make breastfeeding easier.

  1. Don’t doubt yourself, women were made to breastfeed and the more confident and comfortable you are, easier it is. Babies can feel your tension and stress, so sit down, take a deep breath and relax. You got this!
  2. Wear apparel and nursing bras that fit and make it easier. If you’re going to feel uncomfortable with your belly hanging out when you lift your shirt, wear a cami or looser fitting top. If you can’t get your nursing bra un-hooked… well that’s not going to work. Make sure the fit is correct.. if not it’s just uncomfortable & can cause mastitis.
  3. Be sure you are drinking enough water and eating healthy foods to keep your milk supply adequate. I always loved my moms rule of thumb – whenever you sit down to nurse baby, you should drink a glass of water. Not only are you helping with your supply, but you’re getting in the recommend amount of water you need anyway.
  4. My favorite tip – don’t watch the clock. My babies eat every hour.. sometimes more, sometimes less. Breast milk is not formula and is digested more easily. If baby is fussy, even if baby just ate, baby could be hungry. Or just needing to suckle for awhile, which also helps with your supply. You aren’t going to feed your baby too much & bringing baby to the breast is good for you and her/him. Also, if you’re struggling with supply, suckling stimulates milk production.

With that being said and my few tips to make breastfeeding easier, I want to share with you my favorite Bravado nursing bra & their new camisole.

unnamedThe Body Silk Seamless Nursing bra. It’s always been my favorite and my go-to nursing bra. Currently they have a new limited edition color, the garnet, which is just lovely for fall. It’s comfortable, fits beautifully under your clothing, easy to wear and comes with removable pads for your liking. bravado bra

I’m wearing it here, under a blouse top and you’d never know it was a nursing bra. Great support and best of all, easy to breastfeed in. You can read about all the details in this bra from an earlier post I wrote about finding the perfect nursing bra. cami

The new Body Silk Seamless Nursing Cami has really stolen the show for me. I really liked the Bravado designs nursing tank tops in the past, but they weren’t ideal for layering under clothing for a seamless loo. This cami has the Body Silk Seamless nursing bra built right in, so you’re getting the perfect bra right with a cami. If you’re like me, who almost always wears a cami under my tops, especially when breastfeeding.. (because it really does make breastfeeding easier), this is a must have! bravado nursing tank top

Let the Body Silk Seamless Nursing cami make breastfeeding easier with it’s easy use & makes you feel great by slimming your appearance and make you feel comfortable by keeping your belly covered while feeding your little one. bravado nrsing tankIt also gives you adequate support, keeping your breasts where they should be. I’m wearing the cami under this sleeveless top and with it being nylon and spandix material, it doesn’t make your clothing cling to it. Currently available in black and white, but I do hope they add more colors to their collection.

Visit Bravado Designs to grab a great nursing bra or the new cami, because great fitting and working nursing garments help make breastfeeding easier. You can catch up on my love for Bravado Designs products – I share about the Body Silk Nursing Yoga Bra, which I love & need to get in a larger size, The Bliss, my second favorite and information on finding the perfect fit.

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