Download Google Tools For Your Mac!

Google has launched a page and a blog for all the MAC lovers or users. The page will showcase all the applications which Google has made and which run on Macintosh. Here’s the list of the applications which the page showcases :

1. Google Notifier : This application gives notifications of new email messages recieved in the Gmail account and timely Google calendar notifications too. It is only available for Mac 10.4+

2. Google Toolbar : This famous toolbar is available for Mac OS 10.2+ and is available for Firefox only. Read the review of Google Toolbar for Firefox.

3. Google SketchUp : This free software allows users to create 3D models and lets users to put the models in the Google earth 4 (beta). Available for Mac OS 10.3.9+

4. Picasa Web Album Uploader : This application lets users to upload the photos to Picasa Web Albums directly and as well as from Iphoto application. Available for Mac OS 10.4+

5. Google Earth : I think no one needs introduction to this software :) It is available for Mac OS 10.3.9+

6. Google Widgets : These are small tools which can let users check their inbox, blog & lets users to check their search history as well. People can simply add these tools in their dashboards and enjoy the cool tools. Available for Mac 10.4+

Links : Google Mac Page ; Google Mac Blog

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