Get free technical support from Microsoft Technicians Provided the Number Works!

Malwares are huge problem, if you are not very much computer friendly and thus removing them from your computer can be a daunting task. To help you get over this situation, Microsoft has generously provided free technical support for people who want to get rid of Malware’s from their computer.

This free offer is limited to situation where your computer is infected from any Malware and doesn’t cover any other scenario. They’ve provided Toll-Free numbers for various countries and are advertising on their website too that they are offering free technical support in case of Virus infections etc.

You just have to dial 1-866-PC-SAFETY OR 1-866-727-2338 if you are in U.S.A. or Canada and if you want the number for your own country then you will have to follow this link and select your country and then you’ll get the number for your country.

However, I experienced which I never expected from Microsoft. No, it was not a bad technical support experience but what you won’t imagine and that is NO SUPPORT AT ALL. Now, the reason for that is the number which they’ve displayed on the website is not correct! 1-800-111-100 is the free technical support number provided by Microsoft for India and when I dialed this number, it was not correct!

Similarly to test it that, whether the number which is provided for U.S.A. or Canada is also working or not, I used Skype and dialed the number (I was sure that I won’t be charged) and even that number came as incorrect number. Although, I will not believe completely on Skype and will prefer to believe a normal landline but atleast the number for India was not reachable at all.

So, if we take that what Skype was giving is also correct then do you really think that it is fair from Microsoft’s part to advertise something and then not delivering it ?

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2 Responses to Get free technical support from Microsoft Technicians Provided the Number Works!

  1. asd says:

    we have lost our product key .As i have reinstalled my xp and i am unable to make it genuine.please provide me the product key.only 15 days are left for activation.

  2. rajeev tyagi says:

    My computer will be infaceted a virus.

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