Google suggests : Stop using traffic generation programs!

Google has suggested its adsense publishers to stop using any traffic generation programs and have suggested that to build the traffic the natural way and that will help them more because a traffic generation program may lead into false clicks on those adsense units and that in turn lead to banning of your adsense account!

Instead here are few articles which highlights the ways through which you’ll be able to build traffic and that too without taking the trouble of joining any traffic generation program :

1. How to market your blog in 2007.
2. How to generate free traffic to your blog.
3. 30 Traffic Generation Tips.

I’m sure that these three articles have got all the tips and tricks and one has to just apply the brain and use them to make sure that they work too. Even, I believe that the traffic which comes through any traffic generation program is of no use at all as they are not actual reader but they are the ones who are looking for traffic for their own website and the chances are they’ll not read what you have at your website.

What do you think that the suggestion given by Google and me is correct or not ? Do you really think that traffic generation programs are of any use at all ?

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3 Responses to Google suggests : Stop using traffic generation programs!

  1. Vyoma says:

    Even if Google had not said it, I see no reason to go after traffic generation programs. I agree with you on that point.

    Only traffic we get naturally will be have more probability of gaining sticky visitors.

  2. reviewsaurus says:

    I’m glad that you agree to me and google on that point :) Google has a different reason and we believe in a different reason…that natural traffic will be the best as they’ll be the readers..who will be regular ones

  3. Well to some extent i agree with you…

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