Google Talk is feeling lonely at Google Headquarters – still no update

Google has done it again! They’ve launched voice and video capabilities in GMail Chat! Isn’t that a super duper sweet news? I’m sure it sounds really cool as this was something which was not possible directly because GMail’s chat is powered through Jabber/XMPP and this protocol doesn’t support voice or video at all.

For this, Google has developed a proprietary plugin which can be installed on Firefox, Chrome and IE on Windows however only on Firefox in Mac. In the tests done by Rafe Needleman, he found out that the plugin takes good amount of resources which results in sluggish performance of other applications.

However, the good ol’ Google Talk is still lonely as it seems that no one at Google headquarters is interested in working on that lovely little chat client. It’s been years since there was any update on that software and guess what they developed the voice and video capabilities for GMail chat but have not included any new feature in Google Talk.

You can use this service by installing the plugin over here. This definitely is a wonderful news and will become even sweet, if Google Talk gets video capabilities too.

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