Improve Adsense & Win an 80 Gb IPOD – Says Google!

ipod.jpgGoogle Adsense team is asking publishers to fill out a survey which will help the Adsense team to improve Google Adsense and in reward they are promising to give away IPOD and better Google Adsense program (Needless to say, I’ll love to have both of them).

The link provided in the e-mail is specific to every user, so I’ll not publish it over here but if you’ve not received any such email then please go ahead and check out your spam folder and I’m sure you’ll find the email (I don’t see any reason for the email to land up in SPAM folder), if you still don’t find an email like this then I’m not sure if this will work or not, but you can always send an email to Adsense support and ask for another email to be sent to you. For the rules and other important information, feel free to check this web page.

Google Adsense team is asking publishers to give out various ideas and changes they would like to see in the adsense program & same is the question I’ve got for you. What changes or additions you would like to see in the adsense program, feel free to post about them in the comments!

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6 Responses to Improve Adsense & Win an 80 Gb IPOD – Says Google!

  1. Suril says:

    ok ok mr reviewsaurus, i will never copy ur posts. but lemme tell u that this post is also copied from DI (labnol). so, y do u copy if u are not ready to allow others to copy?

  2. so, y have u deleted my comment?

  3. reviewsaurus says:

    Well, I never copied anything from any website, if you are talking about this post then let me tell you that I got the email from the adsense people and so did he. I’ve not done anything new and Amit didn’t do anything new. Amit’s blog is the best tech blog in India but that doesn’t mean that he’s the only source of information for everything.

    May be this example will help you in understanding things in a better way…

    Lets say I wrote a review of Yahoo messenger around 10 days back and then you wrote a review of yahoo messenger after 3 days of my post but you did it in your own words and expressed your own thoughts about Yahoo messenger, then it wouldn’t be a copy paste stuff. It’s your own post and your own thoughts are there… that will be your own idea and your own post….not mine.

    Same thing happened here, I got the email and thought of writing about it and coincidently, Amit also thought on the same lines, so whose fault is it…can you point out anyone?

  4. Srikanth says:

    Wohooo I received mine couple of days back :)

  5. Wishlost says:

    One word of advice for you my friend, some one, somewhere has already spoken about something what you blog, else how on earth do you know what you are speaking and if you don’t know what you are speaking then you better not speaking.

    Making rude comments like “copied” doesn’t really suite a good bloggers personality. May be both of them decided to blog about it or thought about it and took action simultaneously.

    And blogs give you an option to “trackback” or bloggers let you “trackback”, it does not mean they let you copy, but let you mention about their post in your blog.

    May be you are new out here, so think before you blurt anything at all :)


  6. reviewsaurus says:

    @ Wishlost : Thanks for the support :) I was explaining the same thing this guy. He simply copied my posts and posted them on his blog and didn’t even care to post a link.

    Later on, he changed when I explained few things to him & I’m sure others who must have talked to him.

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