In Loving Memory of This Page Cannot Be Displayed!

rest in peachWith the release of Internet Explorer 7, many changes came in the Internet Explorer and the whole internet surfing experience. Microsoft, which has always had a big community against it but with the release of Internet Explorer 7 and various free softwares, I am sure that they’ll be making some hearts change :)

Anyway, coming back to the point. Internet Explorer 7 showed many changes from various new features to cosmetic changes. Most of the bloggers has bragged about the new security features, looks & RSS feed reader of Internet Explorer but no one has talked about one of the major change which has been with us for a very long time but not anymore :(

I’m talking about that page which we get when the sites are down or we’ve made a typing mistake in typing a URL and that infamous page is THIS PAGE CAN NOT BE DISPLAYED.

We’ve all seen this not once or twice but thousands of times in our early days of internet (do you remember dial-up age?) and then shown that angry expression after looking at that page!
It is sad to see that now that page has taken retirement and instead of that we’ve got a fresh new page which says that Internet Explorer can not display the webpage. If I remember correctly, this page is going on from Internet Explorer 4 onwards and has changed after such a long time!

page can not be displayed

Anyway, this is not a big deal though but personally I’ve been listening about that page almost everyday because of the nature of my job and may be that’s why, you can say that I’d built some attachment with that page :D Good bye! Page cannot be Displayed!

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  1. Brenda says:

    I have an update for you that may interest others as well.

    I discovered that my router needed to have a firmware update in order to support the Windows Vista computer. This only showed to be a problem, however, when I reset the router with a new configuration. Prior to the reset, the problem didn’t show.

    After updating the firmware, it worked like a charm!

    I was in disbelief but relieved that something so simple took care of it.

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  3. JJ says:

    I was also having problems (“Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”) connecting to any website using both Internet Explorer and Firefox with my friend’s brand new HP Pavilion notebook running on Windows Vista Home Premium. I use a 2Wire router and DSL modem to connect to the Internet. I have 2 desktop computers running Windows 2000 (one connected by Ethernet and the other by wireless), one old computer running Windows 98SE connected by wireless and one laptop running Window XP Professional also connected wireless and all four computers can connect to any webpage successfully. The only one computer that would not connect to any webpages was the HP Pavilion notebook. I knew that this computer could connect to the Internet because I was able to use Windows Update to update Vista, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Works without any problems (I’m assuming that Windows Update bypasses Internet Explorer to connect to the update website). In order to try to fix the problem on the HP Pavilion laptop, I first tried all the suggestions listed in Microsoft’s Support Center publication, Article 926431, “You receive an error message in Internet Explorer 7: “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”, all to no avail. I was frustrated and about to give up when I run across your blog, In Loving Memory of This Page Cannot Be displayed! on ReviewSaurus when I did a Google. I tried many of the suggestions on this blog but was still having problems getting on to any of the web pages with either Internet Explorer of Firefox. I then noticed the entry by PAT36A where disabling Kaspersky Security cured the problem and also Brent’s entry about disabling Symantec’s Network Proxy to get Internet Explorer to work. I looked at the HP Pavilion notebook that I was working on and it did have an icon for Symantec’s Internet Security 2007 but when I double clicked on the Icon a small window would open up indicating that an error occurred and that I should contact Synmanted about this issue. Since Internet Security 2007 was not working properly anyway, I uninstalled it and this cured the “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. After this uninstall I am able to connect to any website or webpage. I’m assuming that Symantec’s Internet Security 2007 was corrupted in some way or was not properly installed on the laptop. I have warned my friend that the computer is vulnerable because it is not protected by an antivirus software and that he should try to install Symantec’s Insternet Security 2007 or some other antivirus software asap.

    Thanks for setting up this blog and helping me solve this problem. I think this is one of the most helpful and valuable websites that I’ve used.

  4. PAT36A says:

    Just a return visit to say that since my earlier post (Sept 07) the same problem occured for a second time late January and again reinstalling Kaspersky fixed things.

    ………………..and then last week, the same happened to my wifes PC – a very clean problem free machine, that does very little web surfing – reinstalling Kaspersky again cured the problem.

    Sure would like to know the cause of this problem.

  5. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ JJ : I’m glad that this nice discussion has helped you in fixing up the problem. I’m glad that k9joe started the conversation on this lame post where I talked about my feelings and nothing else & now this post has turned into problem solver and a great resource :]

    @ PAT36A : Thanks a lot for providing that solution, it has certainly helped lots of people. I promise that I’ll look further in it, that why exactly this is happening and will let everyone know about it.

  6. Cal says:

    I’ve been having problems when trying to sign into the site bebo as well as proceding to the checkout on barrington sports, however i am able to visit various other website and sign into such ones as facebook and ebuddy. Also my msn has been failing to sign in (error code 80072efd) which is suposably linked to firewall.

    I use Ie 7, running on windows xp, i connect to the internet with broadband, which is through i wired modem (sagem).
    Ive tried to acess the pages using Firefox but the same problem occurs ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage’.
    I have also tried turning off phishing filter still no improvement.
    I have also restarted the DNS client again no improvement.
    Hope you have some suggestions

    Reading through the site i have followed some advice offered to other people but none have worked.

  7. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Cal : Well, the only possibility which I see here in your case is that you are not able to login to those sites which are secured. I tried logging into bebo and at a point, it goes into the secure mode and then goes back to the normal mode. Same is the case with hotmail, which is always in the secure mode only.

    Checkouts are secure too…

    I get a feeling that you are using Norton, I remember there was a setting in Norton which didn’t allow users to access secure sites (i’ve no idea why they even thought of giving such a setting), It may be because of that.

    It may be any other security program, well, whichever it is, I’ll request you to please check it after disabling that security program and if still it doesn’t work, please let me know.

  8. Cal says:

    Hey thanks a lot problem solved found that security setting on Norton and diabled it everything working fine.
    Thanks again great sight !

  9. G4tech says:

    Great site…but unfortunatly none of the above fixes has helped my problem. I have a 1 year old HP pavillion laptop that came with Norton. Subscription ran out and i changed over to the Panda Internet security 2008 (had 1 computer left from previous subscription on other computers). My PC is a Compaq X-gamer running XP pro and IE 7.0, connecting to internet never a problem running the Panda 2008. Ever since i installed the panda on my laptop i have been unable to get internet. I am connected via wireless router and am showing connection good along with a internet connection but keep getting page can not be displayed. I notice when i click IE shortcut it goes to an IP address of 270 somthing instead of, i can not get on with fire fox either. I can access and send emails though. I disable the Panda still no good…i Uninstall and have immediate access. I reinstall Panda and before it finishes installing i notice my windows messenger drops off line and then can not reconnect. I have done the 2 things that panda suggests of reseting WIFI on the panda control and also to verify IE has inbound and outbound permissions… no good. Any thoughts??? It definatly appears to be Panda doing somthing during install to shut down my internet thinking it is a intruder or somthing but they say it should give a worning message that i could deny or grant communication with which inever have gotten…

  10. MrT says:

    I’m having the same issue… all of a sudden one of the three XP machines on my home network began experiencing intermittant “Cannot display page” messages. Network connectivity is fine…. I will find an answer to this problem…!!!!

  11. MrT says:

    Ok, well I fixed it… but I don’t know that I have enough details at this point to pin point the exact problem. My symptoms were this… I have three XP SP2 machines on my network, all of a sudden about a month ago one of them started having intermittant “Cannot load page issues with IE7” probably 30-40% of page loads would fail, really frustrating. I finally got around to trying to troubleshoot it. It’s not the network connection, Firefox has the same symptoms… looked at all of the security tools, phishing settings, MTU settings, DNS reliability … everything looks ok.

    So out of desparation I upgraded the firmware on my Linksys Wireless router… bang… no more failed page loads. Now, this router has been running fine with this exact machine for around two years. The only thing I can think of is that there was an XP hotfix that changed some of the networking behavior of the machine and my router didnt’ like it. I looked at the patches and there were some TCP/IP related XP hotfixes just about around the time I started seeing the problems.

    I haven’t nailed down which hotfixed caused the issue … or why… but this is my story and how I fixed my issue :)

  12. G4tech says:

    Ok as mentioned above i also got it to work, playing around i am not sure what fixed it but i also updated my firmware on my wireless router ( a netgear rangemax). I then uninstalled my panda software, did a min install instead of typical (this leaves the firewall and WIFI portion out). The install went smoothly and then i used the windows firewall after being prompted my computer had no firewall installed. I now get on the IE 7.0 and firefox. I tried pushing it further…i clicked on the panda home screen and it showed the firewall and WIFI protection not installed. I clicked on the install located next to each statment telling me not installed…it did a reboot and bamm…i still have IE 7.0 and firefox on Vista OP sytem via a wireless router to my laptop with all the protection of Panda Internet security 2008. Last week i would have sworn it is impossible to do…oh what a feeling. I hope this helps others that might have run into the same problems.

  13. zclayton says:

    At least m$ is being honest about the nature of the problem. If it displays fine in FF or Opera, or even Safari, Then the problem is not that the page can not be displayed, it is that IE can’t cut the mustard.

  14. mango says:

    I have had the same problem as the first person who posted. I have Vista and Internet Explorer 7. I am on wireless and have a Belkin router, 2 other computers are connected to this router but don’t have this problem. Since I installed a Nintendo Wifi connector, I have been having the problem of random ‘Page cannot be displayed’. I also get some websites where the pictures show a red x, however sometimes they do show up, it is very random.
    I have tried a few things like pinging the IP address, I dont know if that is the problem.. I have also tried resetting the DNS client. My phishing filter is disabled so it can’t be that.
    Is there anything I can try? I have uninstalled the wifi but I dont think that has helped. I dont know if you come here anymore, but thought I’d try as I really don’t know what to do! Thanks.

  15. Laineyfra says:

    I have a Targa laptop (purchased February 08) (Windows XP) and have been connecting to the internet via a wireless router (Siemens) provided by Tiscali. Internet Explorer 6 was already on the laptop but I downloaded Internet Explorer 7. I was online (working fine) when the router just “disconnected??? and I got the message “Internet Explorer cannot display this web page???. I contacted Tiscali who took me through some steps (ipconfig/ the modem etc) then said I had a problem with the modem and they would send a replacement in 4 days. After 7 days and no replacement router, I contacted them again. This time, they said they had no record of me getting a replacement modem (!) and took me through some further steps (ping/services etc). Still not resolved. They said maybe my laptop was too old (4 months!) and could not help me any further. I contacted Targa and they said it sounds like the problem is with the router!?

    I am connected to the wireless router (signal strength: excellent) but every time I open Internet Explorer, I get the same message “Internet Explorer cannot display the web page???. I have re-booted my laptop (complete recovery) as advised by Targa (back to IE6 now) but am still having the same problem. I have also tried the ethernet cable and that’s the same – it says I am connected (signal strength: excellent) but I am still getting the same message on IE. I tried to re-install the broadband disc that came with the tiscali router but it now does not recognise my username and password!!

    I was just about to throw my laptop out the window when I came across this site! Please help! Thanks

  16. Javed says:

    i’m having the same problems as many of the other users listed above – intermittent internet explorer cannot display the webpage. My laptop works fine using the wireless but is on xp. the desktop is the issue a dell inspiron 530 – only two months old. Broadband is provided by sky and connection is via a router. Have tried resetting iE, changing auto to fixed isp,

    Disabled fire walls

    Dissabled phishing

    Refreshed TCP/IP

    Reset IE settings

    Downloded and tried firefox

    The problem still remains. my homepage is . It requires to refresh 3 to 5 times before it will dowload and the same applies to other websites.

    Security software is mcafee provided free by sky.

    Any suggestions for help

  17. safraz says:

    hi, im wondering if i can get some help, i have an ftp site setup at home on a win2k3 SBS. i have virtual directories wif images and stuff like that on. i normally use windows explorer to access my ftp which works great. How ever, when i go into the folder on the ftp site from a windows vista sp1 machine and double click an image, it automatically tries to launch it in ie7 and i then get teh page cannot be displayed. the only way i can view the images if i copy it over from my ftp to my desktop which is irritating me. How ever, when i use a win xp machine wif sp2, it works fine, it opens up the image perfectly fine. can someone please help me in how i get it to work in vista as it does soo properly in win xp?

    thanks Saf

  18. Dave McBeth says:

    Help please. Currently running Vista on an Acer 5101 with wireless Linksys 54g and using Panda Internet security 2007. About 2 weeks ago I was watching a video on youtube and it suddenly stopped working. Now I cannot even access the website. If I connect via a neighbours wireless network, I can access the site. I can live without youtube but am interested to know the cause. I am not an expert on computers but am also not a beginner. Have tried most of what has been posted here but still no joy. Most other websites work properly with perhaps the exception of TomTom home when I try and update my SatNav the connection times out. Again if I connect at work, there is no problem. The only other thing that seems to be affected is Outlook. It is reeeeeeeeally slow at downloading mail and if the mail is more than text, it just cannot do it. I have tried reinstalling the router as well but with no joy. Websites mentioned above do not work if I use Safari and indeed Safari is even slower than ie7. Should also mention that my isp is through my wifes work network but we are apparently attached to an open port. When I do a WhoIs on my ip address it comes back as being on her network. When my wife uses her work laptop on the company wireless we have at home, she can access youtube so it can’t be her company blocking websites. The error message I get on youtube is:
    10061 – Connection refused
    Internet Security and Acceleration Server
    The server you are attempting to access has refused the connection with the gateway. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the server
    ISA Server:

    Please help. I hate not being able to solve a puzzle

  19. rakesh satheesh says:

    hi, your site is wonderfulll and som of the solutions you have given out is exellent. first of all thank you very much for helping many people indirectly. recently i am having this problem with all my browsers.Thing is i am unalble to open the following websites: hotmail, gmail(possible if i use the basic html edition), wikipedia, youtube. i am having a 1.5mbps dsl connection and i am using windows vista ultimate with all the updates and my antivirus is kaspersky internet security version 8. i hope you will be able to help me by provind a solution to this. thank you very much.

  20. PJ says:

    I have a Vista computer running ie7 that can only get the for mentioned “page cannot be displayed”. I have tried all of these things and more, winsock reset, ie reset, etc.. Can you reinstall ie7 from the os in vista?

  21. PJ says:

    oh I can ping and do tracert to web addresses and loopback replies as well, I am on dsl and the other comps in the house have no issues

  22. Meda says:

    I am use Internet Explorer and I can open Yahoo but I am not able to open pages in Yahoo. When I try to open the it still keeps trying to open and I can see on the bottom of the screen where it says waiting for

    Appreciate your advice



  23. Hey there, my name is Maria and i was wondering if i could steal a lil bit of ur time, i would so much appreciate it.

    For the past 2 weeks i’ve been having a big problem… i get kicked out of ie, firefox, msn messenger, skype, whatever im on. Now… my modem is fine, all lights are on, on my computer everything is fine too, green and everything, no red lil crosses. Umm 6 technicians from my internet provider came coz i thought the problem was on their end, but the last one finally said that they have tried everything and that it seemed to be coming from my computer, so what i did was a full system recovery… at 1st it was fine, for like a day, then it started doing it all over again, im so frustrated, i dont know what to do!

    Oh btw did i mention that on the msn messenger i get an error —-> 80072efd gateway is offline.
    I troubleshoot it and sometimes it signs me back in, and sometimes it takes me a while, and it will eventually log me back in.

    i’ve done some internet searching but so far nothing has worked, btw i have windows vista ultimate.

    So maybe u can help me a lil bit.

    In desperate need of help,
    Thank u so much in advance!!!

  24. Liam says:

    page cant be displayed when i login in to anything requiring my username and password ive got ie 6 and it wont let me download ie7 i have tried all the above but no luck i can get on anywhere else but home pls help

  25. K9 says:

    I don’t believe it, i thought i had solved this MONTHS ago, and ITS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE?! Lord why is Windows Vista so temperamental?!!!!
    Going to try a few things and update here with the results, hoping for some suggestions to try. Here goes nothing!….

  26. well i have solved my problem!!!! YAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked my cable company to put 2 modems instead of 1. One is used for my phone and the other one is only for my internet!!! Maybe it help some of you out!!!!!

  27. K9 says:

    Really? How is that? Is it a mix up between voice and data lines causing this problem?
    Hope you can shed some light as i have a spare modem and could do the same!

  28. Daniel says:

    I have a very annoying problem. I will get kicked offline and when i reconnect i get the “page cannot be displayed” for every website i try to visit. If i was downloading something with Stardownloader i can still download it. I have to reboot the computer to be able to reconnect and get a webpage to load. Shutting down all web pages and clearing the cache then starting a new IE browser dont work , only a computer restart. I just switched to winxp( a clean install on another partition). I had a similar problem with win98 except it would happen after I would get a fatal exception blue page while online, not from just getting kicked offline, but the same result I had to restart . I am using IE6 and dialup from Phreego. I would appreciate any help you cold give me. Ive looked for answers online many times but this was the first time i found someone I thought might have a handle on it. Thankyou

  29. Ivy says:

    Hi there,

    i got a problem here too.. pls help..

    I got this error page message “The page cant be displayed” when i am surfing net then i open new IE still got this problem. I can’t visit any website at all but i am sure that my modem is connected.

  30. amber says:

    I recently installed the new norton virus protection and as soon as I completed the installation my interent would not connect. I have deleted norton and the internet still not working. This is what is say When I run the diagnostic it says ” windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP. This is probably caused by firewall setting on this computer.” I am truely lost. please help

  31. riders343 says:

    I am trying to connect via my 2wire router. My Vista Laptop connects OK while my XP Desktop can only connect in Safe Mode or in normal mode if I use https. Http will NOT work in normal mode. Any ideas?

  32. ITgirl12 says:

    OH my GOSH! I am having the SAME problem as a lot of you!!! I am an IT Major, and it is driving me nuts!!! I still have a lot to learn (only in 3rd semester of college) but it makes me worry about some of the other people out there… aka my mom! :) …. anyway… I called 3 different tech. support's and none of them helped…

    I am on my OLD Lap top right new (MacBook)… which proves there is no problem with the WIFI in my APT. My new Dell laptop in next to me as i try to research solutions…. its WINDOWS VISTA
    connected to internet but page cannot be displayed…
    the last tech. i call said it had something to do with norton/firewall….

    I can not figure it out and spent hours on it… i deleted norton (which is not cheap and never worked great either)
    also… i dont understand how this happened how of nowhere….

    I now remember why I bought a MACBOOK… NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS with it
    ever since i bought my pc… problem after problem (had to for school)

    so to all you macbook haters out there… shut me up by solving my problem!! :D

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