Is Steve Ballmer Making A Bad $10 Billion Bet

I am always amazed whenever I read some wonderfully researched articles by journalists, freelance writers, only to get a little disappointed when they start making comments about various other businesses based on their past records. Henry Blodget has posted this wonderfully crap article that shows how Microsoft has spent around $ 8 Billion in past on their internet business and have failed miserably. Based on this research, he strongly suggests that the company shouldn’t invest further in the internet business!

Search just isn’t strategic to Microsoft, no matter how obsessed Steve Ballmer is with beating Google. Microsoft can’t do everything–no company can–and winning the search war is not critical to Microsoft’s long-term survival. Protecting its operating system and office suite monopoly is critical, however, and that business is also under attack.

Microsoft has already invested in Bing and have made it live as well for the world to use and comment on it. For your reference, here are some of the comments from industry’s best known pundits –

Here’s what Rafe Needleman has to say about Bing –

Google keeps improving in the area of in-search collation and display as well, but Bing makes Google look complacent, and that’s not good for Google. For the moment, Bing’s on top in this game. Try this search engine. I do not think you will regret it.

Michael Arrington shares similar thoughts –

“My thoughts on Bing: I like it. And I’d consider using it as my search engine. But like many people I’m used to Google and I know how to find the things I’m looking for. Bing returns very different results for a lot of queries, which is great. But it also means spending time learning how to use Bing to get what you need out of it. I’ll spend that time because it’s my job. But for most people, they’ll stick to what they know, and that’s Google….

I’ll sum up with this – whether Microsoft ultimately succeeds or not in “winning” the search war, the competition is very good for the rest of the Internet. Google needs to be pushed to try innovating new things.”

We’ve seen many attempts from many innovators to beat Google and haven’t seen anyone get close to it, rather we have only seen Google’s market share rise every month. So will the word “Fools” be apt for all those innovators & investors? I guess no. And if that be the case then we are accepting Google’s monopoly – then will we be able to believe Google for not being evil after that? I guess the answer will be no in this case too! So, should Microsoft continue to invest in Bing or do you think that Steve Ballmer should listen to Henry?

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  1. Mark says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Bing, thought is was a half-baked attempt by Microsoft to get into the browser wars. But looking at the statements made by these experts, is it really good? And can I pry myself away from Google long enough to give Bing a try?

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