Microsoft come up with IE for Mac OS X – for some market share!


There is hardly any time when any person using computers will not be associated with Microsoft – either someone will be using one of their operating systems, they’ll be connected to Exchange server, using their hardware or if they are Linux or Apple fans then they’ll be busy talking trash about it. Literally, Microsoft rules in many ways in our lives — As Apple or Linux fans – somehow it’ll be little difficult for you to accept it but think about it once again!

When we talk about Microsoft, one of the points of discussion will be Internet Explorer and I have to say that even though I left using Internet Explorer long time back and as more people are following the trend, IE has vastly improved. With the release of IE 8, you can surely see significant difference, still it is seeing a drop in its market share and one of the primary reason for the same is that others are marketing their browsers well as compared to Microsoft.

IE lost 7.8 percentage points during 2009, ending the year at a new low of 62.7%, an annual loss rate of about 11%. In 2008, IE lost 8.3 points, for an annual loss rate of 10.5%. That’s a pretty clear trend line.

One of the biggest reason for all this blood shed was the popularity of Mozilla Firefox (available on all platforms) and the help it gained with Google’s promotions and then Apple’s Safari started getting popular because it released its version for Windows and no doubt, Apple Macs got popular as well and got 8% of the OS market share. Later the some part of the pie was taken up by Google Chrome, that is also available for all the platforms now.

All the browsers are gaining popularity, its only Microsoft’s IE (can I call it Old horse) whose popularity is declining every year and is only available on one single platform i.e. Microsoft Windows. Microsoft used to have IE for Macintosh and no matter what (whether people use it or not) they should at least come up with the versions for other operating systems too! I’m sure there are no IE fans that’ll stick to windows just because they want to use IE.

Here’s my plea to Microsoft — There are thousands of Indian Websites that are still biggest fan of Internet Explorer and no matter what, they won’t support any other browser – so for their sake or at least for the sake of those Indian users – come up with versions of Internet explorer for at least Mac! Remember you still have a development team building Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac – use them!!!

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  1. SEO Cost says:

    The title says "market share" rather than install base.

  2. i prefer to use firefox instead of IE or any other browsers. because We can add lots of addons in firefox. It's a user friendly browser.

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