Vevo Player on Youtube also not working?

I’m quite amazed to see that how one of our post about YouTube not working has attracted quite a good amount of visitors on this blog. Anyway, I thought that I would also like to add that it was for a short amount of moment that YouTube didn’t work for me and I was really asking our readers if they were facing any issues.

Other than that, I faced a similar kind of problem. However, it was not the same problem as I faced at the moment. It is more related to my inability to play videos that are played under Vevo’s brand on Youtube. Here’s one of them.

Vevo is an online music video website owned by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, EMI and Abu Dhabi Media Company, that is developed and hosted by YouTube, Sony, and Google Videos, with content being initially provided by Universal Music Group. [via Wikipedia]

The music is available not only through Vevo’s own website, its also available on YouTube. However, when I try to go on Vevo’s website, this is what I get to see –

Not available.jpg

When I thought of playing some videos on YouTube, I noticed that they at least open, however they are Vevo branded player and somehow are not streaming the videos right. Although, at the same time if I stream any other Youtube video under YouTube’s branded player they stream and work fine.

So, is it the issue with everyone who are not in the country where Vevo isn’t available or is it only happening to me? Please share your experience with these videos.

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6 Responses to Vevo Player on Youtube also not working?

  1. wiwid says:

    hi, im from indonesia, its happen to me to, then i try using proxy, its work.. :)

  2. suraj.mengi says:

    mare net pe youtube open nhie ho raye hai ji so picture show ho rahye hai but jub main play karta hu tb play nhie hoti so plz help me..

  3. Marium ayaz says:

    on my net youtube is not opening .i am from pakistan.plzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………..,.,.,,……

  4. Youtube is constantly making changes and the developers must update their application on daily basis.

  5. Mik Cl says:

    all sorted now tho

  6. LuvsHoes says:

    The YouTube-Vevo BS is not working for me right now. It is only playing YouTube Videos.

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