Windows vista wallpapers coming your way!

windowsvistawall.jpgWe all try to spice up our computer screens with various wallpapers and try to make sure that our desktop looks different from others (human nature). Anyway, I thought of this and thought of bringing some cool wallpapers and the ones which are actually based on Windows Vista. The wallpapers are not made by me at all, they are part of Windows Vista and I’m sure that after looking at all these wallpapers, You’ll simply say WOW!

Well, I would certainly like to thank Brajeshwar for bringing out this cool release and also for taking out the image in this post from his own post. Although, this pack was released by him in November of 2006 but without mentioning his effort, this blog post wouldn’t have been complete. Anyway, apart from the wallpaper pack from Brajeshwar, there are many wallpapers by Hamad Darwish, who’s two photographs were chosen for final Windows Vista release. Hamad is giving away rest of the photographs as wallpapers at his personal website. The wallpapers on his website are those, which couldn’t make in the final release of Windows Vista but I’ve to say that you’ll definitely like them.

Links : Brajeshwar’s Pack | Hamad’s Wallpapers

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