YouTube not working for me, what about you?

I was trying to open up YouTube but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Is it just me or are you also facing the same problem. Rest everything is working fine for me.

Here’s the screenshot :


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  1. mussolini says:

    bullshit not even loadin

  2. diana says:

    you tube hasn't been opening since yesterday, any known problems?

  3. pete says:

    yes same problem since last saturday, tried 3 different browsers and all the same

  4. JoeyD says:

    Mean Says Go Upgrade Wat up wit that

  5. uae says:

    i thougt i am the only 1 who thinkis that youtube is not working iam from uae 2 mybe the prob just in uae

  6. Shaaban says:

    it is not working for me people anybody help me please?

  7. Anlamadim says:

    Not working here in Dubai, problem occured since yesterday

    Trooper he knows 10 times better than you, its the simply way that he uses when he comment on forums

  8. jessamaebalderas says:

    pls…help me youtube doesnt work even if i restart my laptop and it says the 500 internal server error and i think someone had blocked it…….:(

  9. Kevin says:

    Yeah. It’s not working here in the U.A.E. also since the day before yesterday! It doesn’t load at all with Internet Explorer. With Firefox the homepage appears with great difficulty..without the Javascript working..Please someone fix this!!

  10. bettyboo says:


    same problem here, some play and some dont very annoying!!

  11. blblblb says:

    not working .. for me., probably of the internet cable that was cut

  12. Destiny says:

    myne isnt working now, because of the new youtube.

    is there a new one to be downloaded, or is there just something you need to do?

  13. razer says:

    I'm also having same shit problem, the website is keeps loading not opening (from dubai)

  14. Duotrigintillion says:

    Even in Al Ain , United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) it doesn't work.

  15. Even in Al Ain United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) it doesn’t work.

  16. Nadir says:

    I am also in Dubai.My youtube is also not working.

  17. Sarmad says:

    I'm havin the same problem guys, and don't know why?

  18. reddish77 says:

    same problem here in uae

  19. Makaveli77 says:

    My Youtube Is Too Slow,I Can't Open Any Video.
    Its More Than 1 Week In Dubai.
    Whats The Pb???????????

  20. Makaveli says:

    Yeah I Have The Same Problem And I Live In Dubai.
    Whats The Pb??When U'll Know The Pb,Please Help Mr Or Let Me Know.

  21. Erick says:

    Steve, such a coincidence! I’m also in Dubai and it stopped working a few days back. You think it is the censorship?

  22. marci says:

    youtube not working for me in dubai, page is not loading or loading very very very slow. cant watch any videos

  23. hiphop-songs says:

    the best answer is (update your flash player) and re install firefox and reboot your pc now its working.

  24. sweety says:

    youtube is not working agian :(

  25. tokaut says:

    Everytime i get, while trying to access
    Is there anyway to bypass this OpenDNS?

  26. Fuckingyoutube says:

    Same here, i get this error on youtube, i tried it on Firefox,NetScape,Internet explorer 7 and even safari! still wont work on my pc! and my other pc it works! WTF! help

  27. raina says:

    is anyone having the problem of the video loading some way and then stop i cant get it to work i have tried to refresh it and everything

  28. yoyo says:

    I disaled the google gears which were linked to youtube thru the tools drop down menu
    so far so good :)

  29. kaka says:

    when i open You tube, it says that the site is restricted..why?

  30. Shego says:

    mine to show the same problem i can t get to my account

  31. dave says:

    Same thing for me too :(

  32. duke says:

    i was just on youtube and exited and when i tried to get back on it said google error

  33. OneOldCrayolaCrayon says:

    i wont work for me either!!! but i have a mac sooo….

  34. erik ye says:

    to all people here youtube does not work in china cuz they banned it there so theres no hope for you guys there, if you cant even get to youtube try ( itll work but i dont know about the video though cuz i can go to the site but when i try to play a video…it just says an error has occured plz try back later…im ganna master reset my computer and see if it works again(wish me luck and to all of you all out there thirsting for youtube)

  35. jenna says:

    it is not working for me either

  36. Randomkid says:

    its not working for me it has the same page error. :(

  37. praveen says:

    My youtube and facebook home page is not opening,plz solve this problem thank you

  38. Tina says:

    Mine says internet cannot display webpage when i click "sign in"
    it's really upsetting :[

  39. deepak shukla says:

    my you tube did not work .please give solution

  40. vivek says:

    you tube is working but if i play any video then it is showing black window ..

  41. Abhi says:

    same problem with me……..can nybody help

  42. subaduba says:

    Youtube works on my reg computer, but i have a gateway note book and it doesnt work. Any one else like this?

  43. blakea says:

    not working

  44. Elaine says:

    In regards to You Tube,it is not coming in right<,the sound is distorted,the picture does not come in right.I also have Fire Fox,etc.

  45. Guest2499 says:

    i was able to get on youtube a few minutes ago then suddenly it stop working does anyone know why that happen?

  46. ansar says:

    my youtube is not working

  47. mable says:

    youtube player is not responding on the side where i can choice movies are their but once i click on them to play nothing apears on the play screen nor loading

  48. ruby says:

    Same here! Does your youtube work now? mine has stopped working for a week now! pls help
    P.s I love snsd too :D

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