3 ways of opening task manager in KUbuntu!

Task manager is a program used to see the running status of a program.Task manager can also be used to kill the running processes or applications. In spite of all this, using Task manager we can set the priorities for the processes running currently. On Windows it is easy to press alt+ctrl+del to get the task manager, but you may think it is very tough on KUbuntu however, It is not and is very easy actually. We have three ways to do this :

1. Go to applications->system->KsysGuard (performance monitor) which will list you the current process on the system and its memory usage every thing you need from a task manager.


2. Here’s the second and quicker way of opening the KsysGuard. Right click on KsysGuard(performance monitor) you will get an option to put it on the task panel. You’ll get the icon of KsysGuard and you can fire it up from there and by just one click!


3. 3rd step is the most simple one and you just have to press ctrl + esc and you’ll have KsysGuard on your screen and at your service!

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