5 ways of bypassing web filters easily!

We all know that how web filters make our lives difficult from accessing the web even though we want to use them to help in our work and not for wasting time on Orkut, Facebook or other social network sites.

Here are 5 simple ways of bypassing the web filters easily :

1. Using Opera Mini Emulator : If you want to access any website then this is the best way of doing it. Although, you will to adjust your eyes to a small screen but thanks to Opera Mini’s zoom feature, it isn’t that bad experience. Access Opera Mini from here.

2. SSL or secure sites are your friend : Secure sites are your friend when it comes to accessing the websites in a filtered environment. If at all, your work has blocked any website then try to access that site using this way. Instead of opening the site as http://www.some-site.com, open https://www.some-site.com

3. You need a translator : Google Translator or AltaVista‘s BabelFish can help you in accessing the web. Simply, go and translate the webpage to english or your preferred language and you are ready to go. Most of the webpages and services will work just fine.

4. Google Cache can also help : You can easily access the pages from the Google Cache. The only pain is that you have to search for the desired page and once you get it in the search result, click on the Cached link and you’ll be able to get the copy of it. Although, it may not be the latest or updated one. So, it may not work all the time for you.

5. Using Proxy servers : There are many websites which can act as proxy server and Tech-Faq has a great list of the proxy websites.

However, it may be a possibility that these site may be blocked by the web filtering service. If at all you have webspace with you, then you can install Proxy script on your webspace and access those blocked websites easily.

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5 Responses to 5 ways of bypassing web filters easily!

  1. Nirmal says:

    Best and most used way is proxy I guess. :D

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  4. Ajay says:

    Use a proxy..i use pagemod.com proxies..their new domain is http://www.smod.info …secure tunnel at
    https://www.blackdile.com ..a also their new domain alert via email is also effective..they have fast PHP proxy and
    fully functional CGI proxy and also a Virtual Private Desktop proxy which gives access to all sites for free.

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