9 Anti-viruses for Linux users!

Even though Linux is highly secure OS , you’ll still find viruses for it. Linux users are doubling per year as seen in the recent news . As the number of users have started to increase, we can expect the increase in viruses too.

Available Viruses:

Linux.Bliss, Linux.Diesel, Linux.Gildo, Linux.Kagob, Linux.Nuxbee, Linux.Satyr, Linux.Vit.4096, Linux.Winter, Linux.Zipworm are some of the viruses which are present for Linux.

Mainly these viruses are not memory resident ,they are parasitic in nature and will get in to a file and alter the size of the file. These viruses are not that harmful but prevention is better than cure.

Available AntiViruses for Linux :

1.Clam : is a well known open source anti virus toolkit. Clam is a Email based one,which check for virus on email gateways.Which is specifically designed for Linux systems.

2.Panda : Panda is a well know anti-virus vendor for Windows and they’ve released the Linux version too .It works only with Redhat, SuSE ,Mandrake and Debian as mentioned on their website.

3.AVG : Its open source anti virus, AVG has the best detection among freely available AntiViruses. It can be used with Redhat, SuSE, Mandrake and Debian.

The above three are the commonly used ones. Other distributions are :

4. AMaViS : This is also an email scanner just like Clam AV but not as popular as the latter.

5. AntiVir Personal Edition Classic : Another worthy anti-virus of windows provides the Linux version as well.

6. Kaspersky Anti-virus for Linux workstations : This award winning company is providing the anti-virus for Linux and it works on almost all well-known Linux distros.

7. McAfee VirusScan Validate : This shareware and well known utility works on any platform.

8. TKAntiVir : Another well know anti-virus for Linux workstations.

9. F-Prot Antivirus : This anti-virus company is not new and is well known for its anti-virus solutions. Here’s the Linux version of the well known anti-virus.

As Linux has started to grow, we can expect that Viruses will also increase. At this point of time, it’s really not must to install an anti-virus but I will advice every one to use anti-virus along with Linux as most of them are freely available and there is not harm in installing a free-software which can just give some security to you. What do you think about viruses of Linux and if anti-viruses are really required for Linux or not ?

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  1. Binny V A says:

    Linux virus are so rare that there is very little chance you will get one. What you need to look out for in Linux is rootkits. They are the real danger – and there is a non-zero chance that you may be infected. But it is still very low. There are many tools available for that.

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