4 ways of converting the docx format to doc format!

With the release of Microsoft Office 2007 came a new format DOCX. Yes, all the word documents created in Microsoft Word 2007 will be saved in DOCX format until and unless you specifically save them in DOC format using the SAVE AS format.

There are few ways through which you can convert the DOCX files into DOC format, so that they can be opened using older version of Microsoft Office or may be with OpenOffice.Org :

1. Convert the file using ZamZar : You can simply go on ZamZar.com & then upload the DOCX file and then select the option of exporting it to DOC format.

2. Convert using DOCX2DOC : Another online converter and this one is specifically for converting the files from DOCX to DOC. Visit DOCX2DOC.COM

3. Compatibility pack by Microsoft : You may download the compatibility pack from Microsoft which will allow you to open, edit and save the DOCX format in the older version of MS Office.

4. Convert using the OpenOffice.org : You can also open the DOCX file in OpenOffice.org but that too with the help of the converter. You’ll need to download this extension and then only you’ll be able to convert the file. Found via thedailyblahblah blog.

So, these are the ways through which you can easily convert the DOCX documents into DOC format. Subscribe for the newsletter for more tips and tricks like these!

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22 Responses to 4 ways of converting the docx format to doc format!

  1. Vaibhav says:

    Mayank it you can also change it with the use of word 07 only. You just need to open that and choose save as word 97-2003 format, and you will be able to open it.
    Using other softwares in not that handy if you can change it from that very software only…

  2. TipsoSaurus says:

    @ Vaibhav : Oh yes, I know that way too. Now consider a situation where you have word 2007 and you attach a word file with DOCX extension to one of your friend and he doesn’t have word 2007. Then what will he do ? The answer : He’ll follow one of the above given steps :)

  3. Vaibhav says:

    Then my friend, i think its our responsibility to send him a file with .doc extension. :P
    But yes, these tips do come handy to non technical persons.
    I accept it.

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  5. Mickey says:

    Another optional solution is converting docx or xlsx files on your computer with an App. called “docXConverter 2.0”. It converts Word 2007 docx files into rtf and Excel 2007 xlsx file into csv, and allows you to open the docx or the xlsx files with a program currently installed on your computer.

  6. nins says:

    Dear TipsoSaurus

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Just got my converted file back from ZamZar.

  7. dianna says:

    You can open it in Adobe Illustrator CS3, no problem. :)

  8. brian Eliel says:

    Microsoft is just brilliant when it comes to software development. What was the purpose of chaning a standard format .doc to docx other than to just mess with people. Great job Bill, oh for all of you reading why not just go out and buy windows vista.

  9. Arunkumar says:

    i am having set of xlsx and pptx files, need to convert those to xls and ppt.

    I have downloaded and installed office compatibility pack, and tried converting the xlsx file to xls in command line.

    c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12>excelcnv -oice c:\xl.xlsx c:\xl.xls

    it gives out a xl.xls but its just the copy of my input xlsx file when i open that file in the office 2000 it gives error. i just renamed the xl.xls to xl.zip, now i can see the xmls inside. so it just created the copy of my input file and renamed it to xl.xls.

    Any help on this highly appreciated.


  10. BIG says:

    I hate microsoft!!!!

  11. guy says:

    using Mac OSX, i just delete the "x" from the extension name and it opens fine. This may work with Windows, too, but i don't generally use PCs.

  12. Jose Arellano says:

    If you have a hotmail account (Well, I use my Yahoo! account and it logs in, weird.), you can use the Online Microsoft Office to open them, now for offline, yes most of these tricks will do fine.

  13. Sushi says:

    Thanks for this useful article. What a stupid idea of MS with this docx format.

  14. anil reddy says:

    i need the code for converting the .docx to .doc
    so please any one can help me in sorting out this

  15. anil reddy says:

    i need code which converts the .DOCX file to DOC

  16. guest says:

    can't we just open it in ms2003 and in save as option save it as .doc. please reply .thanks

  17. Jim says:

    Another online web site to convert docx to doc, html, text, or pdf is ishttp://www.oconvert.com

  18. game cheater says:

    i think Microsoft have a good software that automatically convert it

  19. Kashif Raza says:

    Compatibility pack by Microsoft works great for me.
    My recent post Best Droid Apps

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