How to access blocked URLs without using a proxy!

Few days back, I wrote a post where I showed you 5 ways of bypassing the Internet Filters and guess what I’ve found another way of accessing the web and that too without using the proxies.

The trick was shared by DJ from Sizlopedia and it says that you just have to make use of text to hex converters like SwingNote. What you have to do is that go to SwingNote and in the conversion box, type the URL of the blocked service as shown in this example :

Let’s say YouTube is banned in your company and you want to access it then simply type (don’t include http:// or www or anything like that) and click submit.

Copy the hex code for URLs which is extremely at the bottom and then access the blocked YouTube without any problems by typing the address as http://%79%6f%75%74%75%62%65%2e%63%6f%6d (this is the hex URL of youtube).

This only works in Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, Firefox prefixes and suffixes www and .com automatically when ever you type the URL. If you try and put only the hex value then it searches on Google. So, access the blocked web using this simple trick.

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5 Responses to How to access blocked URLs without using a proxy!

  1. Rakshit says:

    Great post dear.
    I will use that in my college network. That’s really a great find.

  2. Josh Chacin says:

    Thanks to your guide, I was able to understand how to properly add the hex to my url. But, unfortunatly the hex does not fool my schools computer network. Thanks for the guide though.

  3. BBBB says:

    That is not working on all browsers even IE

  4. j makk says:

    all the urls that this website suggested i use were still blocked… thanks for the help any way though ;0

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