I’m a PayPal anti-phishing champ. Are you ?

anti-phishing-champI’ve been chosen as the Anti-Phishing Champion by PayPal and the badge on the left is in honor of that! Isn’t it cool ? Well, To be honest this was one of the image which was displayed on PayPal’s website when I took their quick quiz on Phishing.

You should take part in this quiz (although the answers are pretty simple) and see where do you stand when it comes to finding out if the email you’ve received is legit email from PayPal or not.

For those who are good at finding out Phishing and who already know about it can take the following quiz (source) and check out that where do you stand.

If you really think that you can’t miss out any Phishing stuff then you should be contributing to PhishTank; a great attempt which powers various browser’s anti-phishing features. Not only it will help others, it will test your skills too!

So get going and improve your anti-phishing skills and help others who aren’t as smart as you.

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