What to do when you forget email password!

TipsoSaurus reader, Don Rogers has asked a question that he forgot the password of his email account which he’d setup in Outlook as it is already saved in Outlook. Now, he wants to reconfigure the account in Outlook but can’t do it as he forgot the password.

Here are few things which you may try to fix up the problem :

1. Forgot password recovery : This is the simplest thing you can try and I.e. by getting in touch with the ISP or email service provider and make use of the forgot password recovery option. Or by calling the technical support, if at all they have one.

2. Using the password retrieval utilities : NirSoft provides the utility which can retrieve password from Microsoft Outlook and supports almost all the version of Microsoft Outlook even Outlook 2007. Note : Some anti-virus software may trigger false alarms against this utility but it’s safe to use it. I’ve used it personally and it works!

3. Unmask the password behind asterisks : Nucleus Technologies is providing the free utility which unmasks the password behind asterisks and that should simply solve the problem. Just open up the account settings window and it will show you the saved password.

I hope these tips will help you in recovering the saved but forgotten password and that you and Don will be able to setup the account easily in the new system. These tricks will work for most of the email clients.

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6 Responses to What to do when you forget email password!

  1. Vaibhav says:

    Hey buddy what in case if you have forgotten a paswd completely, dont remember the security question, and neither the paswd is saved, So any solution???
    I am facing it in one of my account(not email account).

  2. dEEPAK says:

    Haha.. The 2nd and 3rd tools can be used with malicious intentions if you get hold of someone else’s PC ;)

  3. Alex Krenvalk says:

    For this businesses try-outlook pst password recovery, it may recover lost or forgotten passwords for the mail accounts and *.pst files of the Microsoft Outlook mail client, program that recovers forgotten or lost passwords for mail accounts and also passwords for LDAP services that the Microsoft Outlook mail client uses in its work, also recovers passwords for password-protected Microsoft Outlook data files (files with the *.pst extension) that the Microsoft Outlook mail client uses to store user data (contacts, messages, reminders, notes, tasks).

  4. Jack Steve says:

    Thanks for giving suggestion to recover password. I also know a very good pst repair software that recovers outlook pst password,mail pst password, data from encrypted pst file.It recover data multiple file pst.This software supports all the version of outlook .You can check it out your own by downloading the free trail version of the software from the site:

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