Nexus One – Everything you want to read about it!

Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and who not tried to create the iPhone killer and they miserably failed. Some of the key reason for the failure are – 1) Under powered mobile OS. 2) Under powered Hardware. Many will argue about these two points however, I will be explaining these reasons in detail as you read further. Before all that, let me reveal a good news first i.e. Our very own favorite Google has finally and officially entered in the smart mobile phone market by launching Nexus One! Nexus One! Nexus One! (Oh! I almost swayed away with emotions).

nexus-one-phone-google-specs.jpg When did Google Launch this phone?

Google launched Nexus One on 5th January 2010 and I’m positive that for all the tech geeks – this will be their biggest New Year Gift! The phone’s hardware was actually designed by One & Co. (Acquired by HTC in 2008), although it was launched in collaboration with HTC. [via – cnet]

Will this be tied to some network like iPhone?

As of now, the phone is available in US and as everyone will expect with Google, they believe in Open & free world! Surely, the phone isn’t free – however, it is open in the sense that its not tied with any network at the moment. So as a customer no one needs to buy the phone and some crappy and sluggish network operator with this. One can easily buy the phone from here and choose the operator of their choice.

What are the specs of Nexus One?

1. Size & Weight – At 130 grams w/battery the phone is just 5 grams lighter than iPhone. It’s height (119mm) is slightly bigger than iPhone(115.5mm) however, its width(59.8mm) is less than that of iPhone(62.1mm).

I’m giving the comparison between iPhone and Nexus One side by side so as you also start understanding that why Nexus One will be an iPhone Killer.

2. DisplayNexus One’s display (3.7 inch diagonally) is .2 inch bigger than iPhone (of course, the difference is almost nothing, so we can keep both the phones one equal on this part. However, where Nexus One becomes better is that it’s screen resolution (800×480) is much better than of iPhone (480×320).

3. Camera – Nexus One definitely has better camera on papers than iPhone. It flaunts a 5 MegaPixel camera as compared to 3 MP of iPhone. Although when it comes to recording videos – iPhone can capture videos at 30 FPS as compared to 20 – 27 FPS of Nexus One. Here are the thoughts about Nexus One’s Video & image quality by one of the dedicated blog about Nexus One –

Unfortunately, we can’t give the Nexus One a perfect review when it comes to this area. Photos and video are just average, and very similar to all of the rest of HTC’s devices in the market as well as the Motorola Droid. iPhone definitely kicks but in this area.

4. Operating System & Processor – Nexus One wins this hands down! It features Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz Processor! That whooping fast!! I still remember that how I used to jump with joy while using Intel 386 computer that my uncle used to play prince of persia. Anyway, this means that Nexus One is much faster than Apple iPhone as its processing speed is some where between 600 – 700 Mhz. Nexus One uses Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) that is Open and I’m sure with the launch of this phone, will feature way more applications!

Why this phone will be an iPhone killer?

To be honest, Apple iPhone has come to a stage where it surely can’t be killed by any phone. When I say that the phone is iPhone Killer, I’m only saying that this phone will be better in features and will take some part of iPhone’s market. One of the key reasons iPhone flourished was there was no phone that matched its style, Apple’s brand and a very powerful OS. However, Nexus One looks promising enough that it will easily be able to give competition to iPhone in all these departments.

Nexus One surely looks sexy enough that its owner won’t feel jealous after looking at the iPhone, they will rather feel proud that they have Nexus One and not iPhone. Google’s brand value is way more than Apple (that line is not for Apple Fans – they should ignore that last line and should read this line instead — Google’s brand value can give competition to Apple’s brand.)

As far as the OS is concerned, I will still give preference to iPhone (Reason – I’m Macbook owner & Apple fan Lover too), although I won’t take anything away from Google’s Android for simple reasons like 1) Google is developing it. 2) It’s open. We’ve seen that some of the world’s best software are Open Source and that the developer community embraces anything that is developed by Google and is Open. So even though, iPhone’s OS (i.e. OS X – which again is powered by open unix) may be powerful at the moment, it will not be the case in very short future.

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Images of Nexus One



Check out more pages from Flickr.

I personally feel that Nexus One will surely rule the market, we’ll have hundred thousands applications built for Android platform and that Apple iPhone will surely get to see its toughest competition ever! No matter what happens, I’m confident about one thing – we’ll surely have even competitive market — again beneficial for consumers – this may result in price drop (various other phones if not iPhone) and probably some good news for AT&T customers.

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