[Awesome App] Create calendar from your facebook photos!

mast-calendar.jpg iTasveer, one of my favorite online photo printing service has recently launched a wonderful facebook application called Mast Calendar. This application lets you create a personalized calendar with your photographs and lets you put nearly 20+ b’day events. Once you’ve chosen the photographs and events – you can either download a high resolution calendar for use on computer or get it printed & delivered it to your house. What I liked was the price – It’s only Rs. 99 and for this reasonable price you get a high quality personalized calendar.

The facebook application has been built on their proprietary platform, they call it DoodlePad. Using this application, you can choose the photographs and place them at desired locations on pre-designed calendars.

Over all, its a cool application that people can play around with and make use of it as well. Although, I had to spend quite a bit of time in choosing the events as there was no search option while choosing the events – so, if you have like 1000 plus friends then you’ll surely find tough time in choosing the events. I hope that iTasveer team will add the search functionality soon.

Other than that, I won’t mind an app from iTasveer that’ll help me create widgets of the photographs uploaded by me. If an application like Mast Calendar takes not more than 7 days to be built (as claimed by them) then a small application that allows me to play around with photos and make small widgets with it should not take time and I would surely like to do that too.

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  1. Fitra says:

    Nice informations. I like it and very interest.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. Will give it a go today!

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