Hover.in : Most impressive startup at Proto.in 2008!


Hover.in was one the most impressive startup at Proto.in 2008 and it’s a widget whose aim is to help publishers and content based websites in monetizing and providing related content for their readers.

Hover.in is the brain child of Bhasker V. Kode & Arun Prabhudesai, who is a problogger himself and writes on Indian business at Trak.in. The idea behind hover.in is that it displays related content and ads through various widget based applications in a bubble (like the bubble we see in SnapShots, Triggit etc.)

We can call hover.in a combination of SnapShots and Kontera ads however, the good thing about hover.in is that not only it combines both of them but it gives the power in the hands of publisher, so as a publisher you get the power to chose what exactly you want to display in the bubble. It can be Wikipedia articles, Flickr images, youtube videos or even Google ads.

It will be interesting to see that how this startup evolves it’s products and how it’s taken by various bloggers. I personally hate the pop-ups like SnapShots but if at all those bubbles can provide some value to my readers, then I’ll be happy to install it myself and because it gives me the full power of customization, so I really won’t be left with any choice.

Here’s the presentation given by Arun and Bhasker at Proto.in 2008 in front of entrepreneur’s and VCs :

Update : As vijay pointed out in the comment that I should add the disclaimer regarding Hover.in & ReviewSaurus’s relationship :

We share the same office and we also designed their website.

However, I would also mention that all my thoughts are unbiased and are not influenced by the personal relations at all.

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4 Responses to Hover.in : Most impressive startup at Proto.in 2008!

  1. Vijay says:


    I think you also need to add the disclaimer that you know these guys personally and share office-space with them.

  2. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Vijay : Nice to see you here and thanks for pointing that out too. Updating the post.

  3. and these popups or bubbles also have big effect on site performance…how does a site with hover.in bubbles perform…many find these bubbles or popups annoying…one think they could do is to make the bubble appear on the screen corners,say right or left top or right or left bottom instead of making the bubbles appear around the link over which you hover…

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