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Editor : Censor board of the blog!

Meet the first Techie Dino of the blog – Mayank Gupta (The ReviewSaurus!)

mayank-phixr I’ll start with the same old fashioned way of introducing myself and here it goes : Hi everyone! My name is Mayank Gupta and I’m the editor of ReviewSaurus – The Techie Dino! Books were something which I really didn’t like and I still wonder that when & where and what changed for me that I fell in love with writing and that made me start my personal blog which is MayankGupta.Com (I won’t call it writing from any angle but yeah everyone starts from somewhere). Later on, I realized (to be honest, was made to realize, Thanks to Darren) that one can actually earn money out of blogging and so I started this blog and finally on one day, I left my full time job and became a ProBlogger.

Apart from loving computers and technology, I love clicking photographs but I’ll say still there is some time till it becomes my passion and listening to music is something which I think most of the people have, so nothing new in that section. I love reading comics and checking new gadgets often. In sports I love to follow Cricket and I really can’t remember that when I played it last time.

I think there is so much I can write about what I like and what I don’t like but I’ll leave you for the time being and in case you are really interested in knowing more about me, then feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] .

Authors : The soul of the blog!

Meet ShashankSaurus…oops! I mean Shashank Jha.


“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart”- Maya Angelou

The above quote most succinctly describes the reason why most people write and that applies to me as well.
Someone whose gamut of interests run far and wide, I am an explorer.I like doing lots of things but creativity is what I chase everywhere. A patron of acting, poetry, quizzing and oratory arts, I initially took up blogging as a casual hobby starting with my personal blog Gajab Khopdi. But soon the world of blogging pulled me towards itself and today I find myself as another Techie Dino.

Why tech blogging?

Because, I am an Engineering student after all! I am an Undergraduate student of electronics and Control engineering at Sathyabama University, Chennai. My other interests include books,Music,Sports, Food and above all – Sleep! Yours truly considers himself a decent human being and a worthy friend. So anyone interested in talking to this Dino can contact me at through mail or even better, just drop a comment on my ReviewSaurus posts!

Meet SathyaNarainSaurus (Whoops! that’s got to be the longest name ever invented!) A.K.A. Sathyanarain M.

sathya-phixr You can call me a jack of all trades; and master of hmm… some. I started writing long time ago. I started writing small meaningless stories when I was a kid. But this soon developed into a serious hobby when I started writing poetry in school. This took a more serious turn as I started writing short stories and essays many of them winning me prizes in extempore competitions. As technology came of age in the world and blogging was the buzz word, I couldn’t stay behind. I started my personal blog Zephyr in the Sixth Avenue. I soon started writing my next blog An Alien in Chennai, the travails of an alien stuck in Chennai told in a hilarious way. This blog is the basis idea of my forthcoming novel, The Third Side of a Coin, which is about the protagonist’s encounter with God, again in a hilarious way.

Why the Techie Dino?

That’s because I am combining two of my passions – writing and music.

Talking about music, it is one of my primary interests. I play the keyboard, tabla and currently trying to learn the guitar, the bass guitar being one of my favorite instruments ever invented.

I am also a closet cartoonist. I have been cartooning caricaturing (read doodling!) ever since I learnt to hold a pencil!

Apart from these, my other interests include books and photography. I read a lot and my favorite books include Mario Puzo’s The Godfather and Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I am a great admirer of macro photography shots and some of my photographs (macros included) can be checked here.

Visit me at and I can be spammed at [email protected]

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