Should Twitter moderate trending topics?

I’m one of the power users of Twitter, not that I hit the Twitter’s A list anywhere, however according to Hubspot, I’m one of the top 50 users of twitter in India (of course, the competition isn’t that tough in India – you may follow me here) and while using twitter I have lot of conversations around with the other users, I’ve noticed that there have been many meme’s on twitter that are done just for fun! One such meme was started by me and my friends and the result was that we made “Jaljeera”, a trending topic on twitter.

Recently, Twitter did censor some of the trending topic and ReadWriteWeb was quick to post about it too! (thanks Techmeme) however, we haven’t seen them moderate any other fun meme’s. I personally think that Twitter should moderate the trending topics and should allow the deserving topic to be in the trends, otherwise the positive value of twitter will only go down – as reported by TechCrunchers.

If at all, Twitter will start moderating the trending topics, I’m sure there will mixed reactions from the twitter users and there will be fun loving people who’d definitely hate to see that there trending topics or meme’s will not reach the trending topic and if at all it will, they’d see it go. However, there will be a great bunch of people who’d love to see this kind of feature, as I’ve seen many users who want tweet filter feature to avoid such “not-so-fun” meme’s.

Would you like to see Twitter moderate the trending topics or do you think Twitter should not interfere the way its users want to use the service?

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4 Responses to Should Twitter moderate trending topics?

  1. Prats says:

    I don't agree, Trending topics are a mirror of the activity on twitter and involving other people by information or association. The activity/topic which is trending is a mirror of what is happening across the Twitter universe and which might not be work/professional but it is still being discussed and it provides an end user a power of choice to be a part of it, be aware of it or simple ignore it. A trending topic doesn't sends us an uncessary email alert… it might spam our timeline but then its us who choose what constitutes our timeline.

    As you said you started trending Jaljeera and I also joined it, and I am sure a huge population in the twitter would not give a damn about Jaljeera but you and I did and many others did who liked the topic.
    Similarly a topic like Apple Iphone or Iran Elections or any other serious topic which is trending.. Might be I don't give a damn about them and there would be people like me..

    The bottomline is both the sect have the choice to follow a topic or simply choose to ignore it…. Twitter should not intervene here and create a bias for a particular set of people.

    • Mayank says:

      Hey prats, thanks for taking your time to leave the comment :)
      I know that twitter will definitely not moderate any of these fun meme's as they'd have to face the backlash from the community. Honestly, its just an opinion that I have and the idea behind this post was to find out that what exactly others think about this.

      I'm still in favor of the fact that twitter should actually moderate the fun meme's as they really don't add that much value. As you said that trending topics are mirror of what is happening across the twitter universe – but it definitely isn't the mirror for a group of people who are interested in making a topic to trend just for fun. We all literally jumped on making jaljeera a trending topic with no real purpose but fun, I'm sure that there is more space for better topic than just fun :)

      Although, I have to say that It was fun working with you all on making the jaljeera topic as a trend and as you said that there are people who won't give a damn about this.

  2. tx Bellaire says:

    Would you like to see Twitter moderate the trending topics or do you think Twitter should not interfere the way its users want to use the service?

    I think Twitter should moderate the trending topic. However, it should clarify first its rules regarding what topics are allowed or what topics are banned.

  3. Cindy says:

    Should Twitter moderate online topics? I guess so. I think there are topics that are not really apt to be discussed on a social networking site.

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