Zoho Drive – Will it have the edge over others?

zoho drive serviceZoho is all ready to release its new online service i.e. Zoho Drive. As the name suggests, it will be an online storage service which will offer online storage to the users. The service is on hold at this point of time and recently I recieved the email from the Zoho Team which indicated that the service is about to launch shortly.

It seems to me that they will be launching the service or may be demonstrating it in the Office 2.0 Conference too but, I can’t really comment on that as it recently they demonstrated the Zoho Virtual Office in the conference. However, it is speculated that it will be a service similar to Box.Net.

Well, if Zoho wants to get into the online storage service then they’ll need to offer something more than Box.Net and Aol’s Xdrive. At this point of time, Box.Net is offering 1 Gb of space for free and charges $ 4.99/Month for 5 Gb of space; on the other hand, Xdrive from AOL is offering whooping 5 Gb of space and that too completely free.
Although, Zoho has got an edge over these two services and that is it has the complete web office suite and it has got plans to integrate it’s web office suite with the online storage service. So, any person who’ll be using Zoho’s Writer, Sheet or Show will be able to open the stored files directly in the respective application. So, if you have a word document file stored on Zoho Drive then you’ll be able to open it up in Zoho Writer directly and will be able to edit and save it on Zoho Drive directly.

So, if Zoho Drive will be able to provide space more than Box.Net and even if less than Xdrive then I’m sure that it will be able to make a better mark over rest of the services. Zoho as a brand has already left a great mark in the field of Office 2.0 and I believe they’ll be able to do the same in the case of Zoho Drive as well.

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4 Responses to Zoho Drive – Will it have the edge over others?

  1. ScottyWZ says:

    That’s great! I use Zoho apps (mostly Writer), and they’re great. I just hope Zoho Drive has FTP access.

  2. reviewsaurus says:

    I definetely agree to you. That if at all they’ll provide FTP access then they’ll become unbeatable :) But, it is very unlikely that they’ll provide FTP access because when it comes FTP access then it means that no one will be logging on to their site and thus that will not result in browser hits etc. etc.

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