Zoho Meeting beta is open for everyone!

ZohoZoho meeting is another wonderful application from the Zoho Team. It is remote desktop sharing service and lets you display your desktop to other users and even better that if you want them to take control of the your desktop then you can give control to them as well. Zoho meeting was available in closed beta however, it is now open for everyone. Currently, it’s in beta but still it does the task really well.

Feature of Zoho Meeting :

  1. It’s Free!
  2. Works with all browsers (Provided you are using Flash or Java based viewer).
  3. Has three types of viewers to meet the requirement. ActiveX based, Java based and flash based.
  4. Chat with other users.
  5. Take control of the desktop of the presenter.
  6. Can be embedded in blogs or web pages.

Zoho Meeting Toolbar

Zoho meeting screenshot

Zoho meeting is really a nice way of remote desktop sharing, although it was a bit slow but I guess that’s more because of my slow internet connection and nothing because of Zoho. With the release of Zoho meeting, Zoho is becoming the complete online office package and now is giving competition to Webex (which is already the market leader in remote desktop sharing) but can it be better than Webex at all ?

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11 Responses to Zoho Meeting beta is open for everyone!

  1. Raju Vegesna says:

    Thank you for playing with the product and a great review.

  2. reviewsaurus says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Raju!
    and as usual, thanks for creating such a cool product :)

  3. Nirmal says:

    I think we need a high speed internet connection to use it efficiently. Nice product.

  4. SRK says:

    Thanks for an excellent review !

    Soon, we will try to make it work effectively in low-bandwidth connections also.
    Hint : Remote control is a lot faster using Java/ActiveX viewer than Flash viewer.


  5. reviewsaurus says:

    @ Nirmal : Yes, that’s one thing which is required most for this application.

    @ SRK : Thanks for the visit and appreciation! I’m sure most of us will be waiting eagerly for that :)

  6. I’m always a Zoho fan! A good feature in Zoho Meeting is that it can be quickly embedded into other sites. Great going Zoho guys!

  7. reviewsaurus says:

    @ Benedict : Yup That’s one of the great feature of Zoho meeting. In fact each and every zoho application :D All of them allow you to embed things in the blog or web pages.

  8. Agreed. But main thing the hate about them is allow embedding mostly using iFrame. iFrame method of embedding really Sucks!

  9. reviewsaurus says:

    hmm..well, I see no issues in that but I’m sure that Zoho team will take it as a suggestion :)

  10. Well… I hope so.. I have already written to them :-)

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