Zoho powers Omnidrive’s word processing abilities!

zoho.pngZoho (the coolest online office suite) scores ones again and this time they have scored big. To my knowledge Zoho has first time ever collaborated with any other web service. With the help of Zoho’s API, Omnidrive has integrated the power of word processing and thus any user will be able to view and edit the word documents and that too without signing up for any other service. Right now, the service only integrates Zoho Writer (the online word processor) but soon it will integrate Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show as well and thus it will help in increasing the user base of Zoho and Omnidrive.

Apart from this, Zoho sheet has also got some updates and it continues to enjoy as one of the most useful applications running online. Well, what I can say is that if you’ve not given a shot to any of their products then I think you’ve not tasted the best of the web yet. After looking at Zoho and its products, I can easily say that there are companies which can easily give headache to Google :)

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