Zoho integrates with Google Gears!

zohooffline Zoho is working on a feature which will integrate Zoho Writer with Google Gears and will give the capabilities of offline viewing of the documents. Editing of documents is yet not available.

This editing feature is yet not available but according the Zoho representative, they’ll be making this feature available by next 4-5 weeks and as far as viewing feature is concerned, you’ll be able to have that feature by next few hrs. Well, this step will certainly make Zoho another step closer to becoming the best online office service.

Right now, the only service which offers offline editing is ThinkFree with their downloadable offline version which can be purchased from here but if Zoho will be able to provide the following service for free then I’m sure they’ll have much more customer’s than any other online office service.

(You may not see this at this point of time, but you’ll get this soon)

As of now, you may watch this video for the demo of Zoho Writer Offline .

What do you think about this feature of Zoho, will this feature give tough competition to the other services ?

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9 Responses to Zoho integrates with Google Gears!

  1. Raju Vegesna says:

    The update is complete. You should be able to use the offline functionality now.

    Thank you for the post.

  2. Arvind says:

    Thanks for the post, Mayank! The update’s over and you can test drive the new functionalities.

  3. Nirmal says:

    This should be a cool feature from Zoho.

  4. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Raju : Thanks a lot for the visit and the comment Mr. Project Manager :) Your team has done an awesome job and I’m sure the editing feature will just make it the best :)

    @ Arvind : You are always welcome. I was looking for you @ Skype but couldn’t find you. Anyway, you and your team is doing amazing job friends :)

    @ Nirmal : I’m sure it is the coolest feature and now that it has been integrated and one can use it, I’m sure people will love it for sure.

  5. Ram karthik says:

    Looks great. It would be more great once the editing feature comes.

  6. ReviewSaurus says:

    Yeah, I’m sure it will definitely look good once it will have editing features :)

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  8. Wishlost says:

    Zoho, catchy domain :) .. I believe in free is good and guess may be we need a review about this and other functionalities in detail on my blog sometime.

    Long time, haven’t visited a lot of blogs, starting off all over again :).


  9. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Gautam : Yes, Zoho is a catch domain and I’m still wondering that you didn’t even heard of them till this time! Hey Zoho guys, you need to change yourself as advertiser from techcrunch and start advertising here. You’ll get more publicity :P

    @ Thilak : thanks a lot for the link back buddy.

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