Microsoft come up with IE for Mac OS X – for some market share!


There is hardly any time when any person using computers will not be associated with Microsoft – either someone will be using one of their operating systems, they’ll be connected to Exchange server, using their hardware or if they are Linux or Apple fans then they’ll be busy talking trash about it. Literally, Microsoft rules in many ways in our lives — As Apple or Linux fans – somehow it’ll be little difficult for you to accept it but think about it once again!

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Nexus One – Everything you want to read about it!

Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and who not tried to create the iPhone killer and they miserably failed. Some of the key reason for the failure are – 1) Under powered mobile OS. 2) Under powered Hardware. Many will argue about these two points however, I will be explaining these reasons in detail as you read further. Before all that, let me reveal a good news first i.e. Our very own favorite Google has finally and officially entered in the smart mobile phone market by launching Nexus One! Nexus One! Nexus One! (Oh! I almost swayed away with emotions).

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Vevo Player on Youtube also not working?

I’m quite amazed to see that how one of our post about YouTube not working has attracted quite a good amount of visitors on this blog. Anyway, I thought that I would also like to add that it was for a short amount of moment that YouTube didn’t work for me and I was really asking our readers if they were facing any issues.

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Microsoft Surface videos that’ll blow your mind!

Microsoft Surface is brilliant! I know that most of you will already know that what exactly this is all about, however I was so much moved by looking at the video of Microsoft Surface that I couldn’t control myself from not publishing anything about it – even after long time.
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Pirated Windows 7 is already hit in Indian markets!

In a recent report published on IndiaTimes, I found out that how much piracy is costing companies like Microsoft. According to the news, nearly 50,000 copies of Pirated Windows 7 has been sold in a city like Lucknow. The average price of pirated windows 7 is about Rs.100 ( around 2 dollars), so the total amount is nearly $ 100,000! Now, that much amount of business is of Pirated Windows 7, the actual legal copy’s business will be around $10 Million!

So if city like Lucknow where the IT industry or business industry is small as compared to the metros, is costing nearly $10 million to Microsoft then I’m sure that the number will be way to high when it comes to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore and so on..

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