Alunch : Perfect Application Launcher for OS X


We’ve reviewed quite a few application launchers of OS X and every time loved the utilities as they were not only getting better as an application launcher but making life simpler for a user and this time we are reviewing aLunch. Although, aLaunch would have been a better name for it, so the developer can take one suggestion on the name itself.

Till this time I was impressed by TigerLaunch (our review), however aLunch is one step better than TigerLaunch as it allows us to create sub menus and that was the only missing feature in TigerLaunch. Another additional feature of aLunch is that it not only allows you to put the shortcut for applications, it lets you put you the shortcuts of folders and files too.

You have to configure the menu completely and I guess that it can be a Pro and Con both. I find no problems in configuring the menu from scratch, as I find it better that I get to take control of the menu from the word go, however few may find it irritating that it doesn’t even list the applications.

It supports drag and drop of application so it becomes fairly easy to add applications or files in the menu.

Overall, it’s a wonderful utility and is the perfect application launcher ever built for Mac OS X.

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