Movie Collector : Manage your movie database easily!

movie-collector-logo For a movie buff like me, database management of my video collection has become a necessity and I guess I am not the only one of the kind. This is what made me search a few useful movie organizers and here’s the first one for you. Movie Collector is a comprehensive movie database organizer which can obtain movie related data from IMDB,, and its own database.

The Highs

1. Interface
It has a well designed user friendly interface which is pretty conventional in looks but offers great ease of use. It serves you with all the data related to movie including its front and back covers on a single window. The left part of the screen contains the details of the movie while the right part contains the same and more in a visually pleasing format along with a list of cast and character and the plot synopsis.The left part can also be used to view to view just the front covers of the movies.

2. Sources
It obtains its data from perhaps the best and largest sources of movie database online I.e. IMDB, and To add to it, it also has a vast database of its own to support. Thus you will never be disappointed in your search.

3. Comprehensibility
It offers you myriad details to be stored for each movie. These details can be edited manually or can be downloaded from the source sites online.


4. Television Series support
You can also store the details of your favorite television series including their telecast timings.

The Lows

1. No Integrated Player
I don’t know whether this would actually qualify as a low for the software or not as most of its counterparts provide this feature neither but I really feel it would be be a great value addition to the software. It does have a button to start the media center but that’s hardly of any use in PCs without Windows media center which most of them are.

For any collector tool, I find a price tag of $39.95 a bit too expensive.

Bottom Line
Movie database management would never in the category of must haves but if you do need a movie manger, this is the one for you. It leaves little to be desired in terms of database management and contains certain features that make the job a lot easier.

Software Details

Version:5.2 Build 5
License: Free Trial Price : $39.95
OS Requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP,Windows Vista and Mac OS X


3.5 Dinos out of 5

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7 Responses to Movie Collector : Manage your movie database easily!

  1. Nice find buddy. I am also a movie buff like you . I will give it a try soon.

  2. Does this software categorize your own videos?? I’m not sure I understood correctly. Thanks!

  3. Ashwin says:

    Hmm.. I watch a lot of movies, I write short reviews of all the movies I watch (can be viewed by anyone in my blog) and it itself is like a movie DB.

    Thanks anyway for the heads up.

  4. Shashank says:

    Though it looks good but $39.95 is too much for a movie management software…nice find

  5. @Madhur
    Thanx Madhur… let us know ur experiences too….

    It gathers the data of the movie you enter in it. So it can categorize your videos too, but for that you will have to build the whole database yourself (names only though)

    Thanx Ashwin for visiting……I will visit your blog soon

    I agree and thanx..:)

  6. Aussiecubs says:

    WARNING. Do not use version 6 of this program if your are an existing user of ver 5 or lower. After installing, it claimed to have upgraded my existing database file ok to version 6. On checking it out it stuffed up a number of entries and would not display properly, lost some of the movie entries entirely. Plus big problem with Ver 6 is you cannot get it to search IMBD or DVD Empire etc for new movies, it now only searches its own site's data base which is very limited. A giant step backwards. With much trouble I managed to re-install Ver 5.6 which is far superior to use than ver 6.

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