CPU-Z : Find valuable information about the computer!

cpu-z-computer-informationCPU-Z is a utility which collects the detailed information about your computer hardware and shows you in the simplest of form. CPU-Z is a stand-alone application which doesn’t require any installation and provides lots of useful information to you.


cpu-z-processor 1. Provides in-depth information of your computer hardware : CPU-Z provides in-depth information about your computer’s hardware. Information about motherboard, processor, memory, Cache information etc. You can notice in the screen shot below that how much information it has provided to us when I ran it on my computer and we can see that all the processor information is right next to me.

2. Fast and small in size : CPU-Z is a very small utility and is under 500 kb only. It loads up pretty quickly and collects the information and displays it to you. It just takes about 5 MB of the computer’s memory.


1. May not show the correct information : CPU-Z may not show you the correct information because if it is not updated then it may not have the information about your latest computer’s hardware.

2. Can be confusing for the new computer users : The problem with this kind of software is that it provides you lot more information than you actually may need. There are many terms which you may not be knowing but yes, a simple search on Google will tell you more about those terms.

Software version & summary :

Version : 1.41
Licence : Free
Limitations : None
Homepage : CPUID
OS Required : Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP

Overall Review & Views :

CPU-Z is a small and light utility which provides lots and lots of information about your computer’s hardware. It’s a utility which provides so much information that as a new computer user you may find it useless too. All in all, its a great utility for advanced computer users but equally important for those who are starting to use the computer (you get a chance of learning more about computer hardware). What do you think about this utility, have you ever used anything like this ?

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8 Responses to CPU-Z : Find valuable information about the computer!

  1. I have been using it and although it doesnt display most of the information , yet what it displays is correct .

  2. Bush Mackel says:

    When I was big on overclocking, I used this program ad nauseum. It’s simply Aces in my book.

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  5. Sarah Benett says:

    CPU-Z is so much more than what people think it is.
    I love the program, thanks for the review.

  6. Data Storage says:

    It’s a good utility. It adds so much more as far as stats when you compare it with you “old-fashioned” NFO viewer. It gives accurate stats on how much memory you have installed (up to the exact mb), correct processor speed, and various tabs necessary to track how much of a desktop or laptops resources are being used per each application or service being run. The reason why this is vital stems from any hang-ups one may experience while using their desktop or laptop. Look at this in accordance to the calculater. Even Microsoft developed and released a Microsoft “Plus” Calculator, so everything eventually needs an upgrade.

  7. Vipin says:

    Does cpu-z program work fine on VMwares? It is hanging on Windows XP SP2 virtual machine.

    Please let me know if anyone knows anything about this problem or its solution

  8. vipin says:

    Does cpu-z program work fine on VMwares? It is hanging on Windows XP SP2 virtual machine.

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