CrossLoop – Fix your grandma’s computer without frustration!

crossloopCrossLoop is a simple screen sharing software which is currently in Beta and as the function says that it shares your computer screen in secure and in the easiest manner. Lets look at the positives and negatives of this software in the following review :

PROS of CrossLoop :

1. Can be used by your grand ma! : Yes, CrossLoop is one of the simplest screen sharing software I’ve ever seen. The host (I.e. the person who wants help or wants to give the control) just needs to provide the Access code to the other person and when the other person connects, host has to just allow by clicking YES and that’s it. I’m sure you can teach these steps to any one who’s not comfortable with computer and you can remotely help them in solving the problem. You don’t have to figure out the IP address or any other technical information.

2. Secure sessions : All the sessions of CrossLoop are secured by 128 Bit encryption algorithm and because it randomly generates 12 digit code every time you open it up, so no same code will work and you can’t join any session until that code is with you.

3. File Sharing : CrossLoop provides you the functionality of File sharing as well and the good thing is that if you are using CrossLoop with in a network then it uses your local network to transfer the files otherwise uses the normal Internet connection to transfer the files.

4. Switch controls : You can easily switch the controls. I.e. if you initiate a session as Host then you can take the controls too. It can come handy when you are working on a research and want to perform the tasks from your computer on the other’s computer.

CONS of CrossLoop :

1. Works only on Windows Platform : I would like to see a program with such a capability to work on Linux and Mac too. It will be great to see if it works on those two platforms too.

2. No annotation tools : It will be even great if it can have annotation tools as they can certainly come handy when doing a session when it comes to professionals as they tend to mark thing using the annotation tools.

3. No chat program : It may be nice idea if there is a small chat program which can allow us to do the conversation while sharing the screen. Although, there is a work around that you can simply use the Notepad and then type what ever you want type (Isn’t that simple and cool solution ?)

Software Version and Other Info :

Version : 1.14
License : Free
Homepage : CrossLoop
OS Required : All windows version

Bottom Line :

I think CrossLoop is one of the software which took my heart away as soon as I used it and I’m sure that these CONS are not a big hurdle for them and soon you’ll see them in their future releases. You’ve got to have this gem installed on your computer!

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4 Responses to CrossLoop – Fix your grandma’s computer without frustration!

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  2. Mrinal says:

    Mayank – a HUGE thanks from this small team at CrossLoop fr your wonderful review and support of this team. We appreciate it.
    I have noted your recommendations and shall share it with our team internally. The good news is that we do plan to make CrossLoop available across platforms!
    I also recommend staying close to our blog – we are working on an EXTREMELY exciting new release!
    Please feel free to email me anytime if you or your readers have any questions.

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  4. don says:

    is MAC ready yet?

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