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defensio-akismet-competitionI’m an all time fan of Akismet or you can say that we really didn’t have a big choice to fight against the blog spam other than Akismet plugin. Anyway, every service gets a competitor sooner or later and this time in the field of Blog Spam Fighters we’ve got a new solider and that is Defensio.

Defensio seems to be promising service as it provides you with detailed information about the false positives and other details about the caught spam. The setup of Defensio is exactly similar to Akismet and just like Akismet you need an API key which you can get for free without much work and a simple signup process.

This is what Defensio’s site has to say about the plugin :

  • Stellar Accuracy
    You’ll deal with less spam on your blog, period.
  • Easier Spam Management
    Managing your spambox will become dead simple.
  • Personalized Filtering
    Your own habits will help make the filter better over time.
  • Transparency Through Statistics
    Meaningful stats so that you’ll really know what’s going on.

Well, Defensio is looking promising and for a trial, I’ve changed the plugin from Akismet to Defensio and I’m hopeful that Defensio won’t let me down.

What are your plans, are you going to use Defensio to fight against the spam or will you stick to Akismet ?

Via : ProBlogger

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5 Responses to Defensio – Fight against blog spam!

  1. only competitions can drive innovations :)

  2. ReviewSaurus says:

    Indeed! I’m using it and unfortunately it marked your comment as spam but it said that it was 60 % spammy…anyway, I told it that its not spam and now it is all published. Hopefully, it will remember it. Can’t really say how it will perform but it does need some improvement in the interface.

    Still new but I’m sure they’ll be able to do good, we can only hope :)

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