GSpace – Utilize your ever increasing Gmail space!

gspace-logo “Over 4704.417667 megabytes (and counting)” – This is what was written on the Gmail sign in page when I copied it. Right now, the figure must be larger.

Q1. How many of us can ever fill that much of space with just mails? (Except of course, some of the spam magnets!)

Q2. How often have you felt the need to have an online storage that could store some of those important documents that you might need to access anytime anywhere even when your sweet laptop is not around?

GSpace is the answer to both the questions posed above. Its a Firefox plugin which helps you access your Gmail space just like a hard drive and enables you to store just about any type of file that can be accommodated in those 4+ GBs. Thus you’ll neither miss your important files nor your favorite music.

Here’s a look at some of its pros and cons

Pros of GSpace :

1. Ease of use
A simplistic interface makes the usage extremely simple for everyone. Also, your own Gmail space is always a reliable online storage space. No need to register anywhere or perform any settings. Simply log in and lo!


2. Directory Creation
You can store the files just like you do on your hard drive. You can directories and keep your files as organized as you want.

Cons of GSpace :

1. Firefox dependent
This is the only limitation that this tool has. It is a Firefox plugin and not an independent software. So in order to use it, you need Firefox pre-installed. But would that be a problem? Dunno! Decide yourself!

2. Security concerns
Now you never know how safe your Gmail account is. As there are no security policies involved, you need to be cautious on what kind of information you are uploading.
Also uploading too much in a single day can lead to the blockage of your Gmail account for 24 hours. So use it judiciously!

Bottom Line
An added feature to your browser and extra storage space for you is always welcome. Isn’t it? As far as certain detected bugs in the application (not found by me but reported by some other users) and its limitations are concerned, I am sure its developers are competitive enough to sort them out soon.That leaves no reason to say no.

Software details

OS Requirements: OS Independent
Limitations: Firefox Required


4 Dinos out of 5

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2 Responses to GSpace – Utilize your ever increasing Gmail space!

  1. maneesh says:

    like you mentioned the biggest con for this whole thing is the security…
    free emails always have that relaiblity and security issue no matter how advanced they are…

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