If you have $ 399, then you may own a Mac!

Those days are gone when people who thought of owning a Mac had to look twice at their pockets , just because the Mac wasn’t the most affordable computer as at the same price one could get a computer with better specifications and of course, came with Windows which is by far, most used operating system.psystar-mac.jpg

When Apple decided that instead of using Motorola’s processor they’ll prefer to use Intel based processors and everybody speculated that soon the market will change tremendously and that Apple will become a software based company rather than a company which will keep on selling the custom built PCs.

However, Apple on the contrary kept itself on the same strategy and didn’t convert itself into a software based company. They even don’t allow people to install OS X operating system and rather mention this in the terms and conditions :

You agree not to install, use or run the Apple Software on any non-Apple-labeled computer, or to enable others to do so,” explains Apple’s license for Leopard.

Even after this, a company called Psystar has launched a desktop computer which will have pre-installed Mac OS X (Leopard) with decent configurations for just $ 399 only.

This is for sure that the company is actually installing the pirated copies of Mac OS X or what’s popularly known as Hackintosh amongst the piracy world, because Apple doesn’t sell OS X as a separate software and so the only way to achieve this is by using the pirated copy of Leopard.

Well, as reported by MacWorld that the demand of this computer really shot up, although they’ve not sold even a single computer yet but it’s definitely attracting lot of queries and create stirs amongst Mac fans.

What’ll be interesting to see is that How Apple is going to tackle this as it seems pretty evident that Psystar will face a law suite from Apple but it definitely adds another angle to the situation. Just imagine what happens if Apple starts to partner with companies like DELL or HP , I’m sure it’ll be a huge hit and Apple may consider in turning itself in a software based company and still keeping the Mac based computers.

If at all something like that happens then will you choose a computer with Windows installed on it or will you choose the one with Mac installed on it ?

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2 Responses to If you have $ 399, then you may own a Mac!

  1. Sumesh says:

    A real Mac wins for the peace of mind (as opposed to worries on a Hackintosh).

    PS: I don’t think it is wise to link to Psystar, as they’re gonna be sued (of course, Apple won’t be witchhunting you, and if they do, Lifehacker would be in the dock first for those tutorials).

  2. ReviewSaurus says:

    hah! they won’t even waste their time in contacting me for all this. I’ve not said some thing unique. and whatever I said was in Apple favor, and if at all they have some sense, they’ll probably contact me for thanking me :)

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