KMPlayer : Decent Audio and Video Playing Software!

kmp_logo If you want to use a software just for playing audio or video of popular file formats then I can suggest you to use KMPlayer. So that you don’t have use separate players for each file formats because KMPlayer can play all major formats like AVI, AC3, MKV, OGG, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, Real Media, QuickTime, VCD, DVD, etc.

The sound quality is really better and the visualization makes it look good, vast audio & video features are inbuilt in this player which makes it really better compared to other music players. Subtitle control is really superb and allows us to adjust font size and lot other, it becomes useful for those, who often watch foreign Language movies. Even you can improve the low-resolution video by using video effects & screen controls.

PROS of KMPlayer :

The simple user interface of this player makes you stick to it. It even plays a damaged or incomplete file just by skipping the damaged frame and as it supports some of Winamp plug-ins so it becomes a good choice. It can be moved to tray icon instead of task bar which saves precious space in the task bar.

CONS of KMPlayer :

So it’s just for AV and many will miss the online radio feature which is included in most of the music players these days. Most of controls can be found just by the way of right click, it will be better if they have given menu bar and proper arrangement for those controls.

Other Details:

Version :
OS : Windows all
Licence : Freeware
Homepage : KM Player

Final Verdict :

KMPlayer is a free music and video player for Windows. It’s quite decent and anyone who doesn’t want Internet radio and wants a light weight player then KMPlayer will be their choice!

Note : This post has been submitted by Venkatesh.

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