Mixpad: a simple audio editing tool!

Logo Mixpad is a multi track editing software from NCH Swift Sound. This is the second software from the NCH factory next to Wavepad that I am reviewing now. Mixpad allows the user to edit any imported sound file or record your own voice or music and then edit it. Like Wavepad, this program also allows the user to add infinite number of tracks and mix them. Individual mixers adjacent to each track eases the task of basic mixing options like panning, volume control etc.

The FX button brings up the Effect Chain window which offers various effects like echo, distortion, reverb, flanger, chorus and most importantly the graphic equalizer.

Easy editing features like add or delete track, increase/decrease mix time, and the large buttons at the bottom make the use of this software easy in editing.


However, I am not personally impressed with the other features like recording and importing. Importing directly into the tracks is not possible which is a huge disadvantage considering there are hundreds of other software which are better to import in.

Some of the features which I assume to be important for any sound editor are missing. Some of the features are MIDI support, cut, copy and paste options.

Effects are also very minimal in this program. Though all basic effects are included in the software, more advanced effects could have been included; especially, when this software is advertised as a professional music editing software. Also lack of plug-ins makes this software a no for professional composers. Also, the software iTunes fails to work after Mixpad was installed.

Software Version and Other Info :

Version : 1.13
License : Free to try
Homepage : NCH

Final Verdict :

Though this software is a good software for use by beginners who would like to get the hang of recording and mixing, I would not recommend it for the professional who would like some serious music coming his way.

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3 Responses to Mixpad: a simple audio editing tool!

  1. Rishi says:

    Mixpad is awesome but Audacity for me! :D

  2. Sathyanarain says:

    Audacity is good in its own way… so is mixpad!

  3. Shelon Padmore says:

    Doesn’t seem to have schedules either

    – Shelon Padmore

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