Picasa : Photo Organizing made easy!

There are many photo organizers available on the web, but only a very few desktop photo organizers are good; Picasa is best among those as it is from the online giant GOOGLE.

Picasa is a software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC.


Graphical User Interface :

The picture containing folders are arranged in the slider window on the left and all the photo are displayed to the right. You can drag the pictures and can create your own album with the label (great way of organizing the photos) of your wish. The photos can be moved between the albums pretty easily.



The photo editing capability of the Picasa is its biggest advantage, changing the color, adding the contrast, repairing the redeye, cropping are its main features. You can even add some minor effects to the photo without altering the original picture as it shows the preview of the effect to the photo.



Another stunning feature is its searching ability (I’m sure you’ll say that Google = Search) the search can be made on any of the category using the name, starred one, on the basis of date, on the size of the photo and everything.



The photos which you wish to use can be held in the tray which is at the bottom side of the window. The pictures in the tray can made into an album, and can e mailed, printed, collage, can even be Sent to your blog, or even made to a folder to store into your disk.


The photos in your cameras can be imported to Picasa, and you can make a SlideShow out of it. The photos can even be viewed on the timeline.

Backup feature is another noteworthy one to look at, the favorite photos which you’ve made a SlideShow, can be burned using the gift Cd option or simply burn using the backup option.

Software version and other Info :

License: Free
OS Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Homepage: Picasa

Final Verdict :

We all know that whatever software Google launches (in this case acquired) is of top notch quality and Picasa is not a new case here. It’s a must have when it comes to photo organizing and small bit of editing. On top of it, if you have a Google account you can even upload your photos for free and share it with your loved ones.

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