R-Drive Image – Hard disk cloning software

r-drive-image-cloneR-Drive Image is a hard disk cloning software which creates and restores the byte-by-byte image of the entire hard disk or just the hard-disk partitions.

It’s a sort of back up program but can be used to a better extent. You can call it a competitor to Norton Ghost. Lets look at the PROS and CONS of R-Drive Image.

PROS of R-Drive Image :

1. Creates sector-by-sector disk clones or images : R-Drive gives you the option of creating the backup of the complete hard disk or just the partitions and that too with the options of just backing up the data or sector-by-sector backup (it includes the free space in this type of backup and thus is bigger in size).

2. Compresses the images or backup : It compresses the image so that you can save up on lots of space. To give you an idea of how much space it can save let me give you the example of test I ran : I created the image (sector-by-sector) of one of the partition of the hard disk of 20 GB size and which had the data of slightly less than 8 GB, With maximum compression (slower process) I was able to get the image file of size 8.14 GB. So, that means it almost covered the free space in very small section of the image. The slider allows you to decide that at what speed you want the image to be created and the size of the image is proportional to the speed of the process of creation of image I.e. faster the speed, larger will be the size of the image and vice-versa.

3. Secure the data with the password : It also allows you to apply the password to the backup. This ensure that no one can misuse the data and keeps your data secure.

4. Extremely easy to use interface : R-Drive uses the wizard like interface and explains each and every process and thus it becomes pretty easy for each and every user even then ones who are pretty new with computers.

5. Can make an image act as a virtual disk : It can make an image act as read only virtual disk and this feature is useful when you make the back up of a drive and for some reason you want to get the data back out of it, it makes sense to make it look like a drive so you’ll be more comfortable while retrieving data from it.

6. Creates bootable disks : It creates a bootable disk which can be run through floppy disk or through a CD which allows you to restore, create the images but mainly used for restoring purposes. It’s based on Linux but has the capability to handle the NTFS or FAT file systems too.

7. Many more and lots of useful features : R-Drive Image has got lots and lots of useful features and some of them are : Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service support (So, that you can use the computer while creating the back-ups), Image file splitter (in order to store the data in the drives which are smaller than the image file), support for almost every type of removable media (Jazz drives, Zip drives, CD-R(W), DVD, USB drives etc. for storage of the image files), Scheduler (for specifying the time or date or any action after which automatic backup needs to be created), Script creator (which allows you to make un-attended recovery files) and lot more…

CONS of R-Drive Image :

None : Even after applying lots and lots of head, I wasn’t able to find a single flaw in this software.

Software Version & Summary :

Version : 4.1 (Build 4104)
Licence : Free to try ; $ 44.95
Limitations : Doesn’t allow you to restore
Download : R-Drive Image Trial
Homepage : R-Tools Technology
OS Required : Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista

Overall Review & Views :

R-Drive Image is one of best and flawless hard-disk cloning or backup software. I’ve not seen any software which works beautifully and I’m sure each and every user of this software will be as satisfied as I am satisfied with it. It does what it says and that increase the credibility of this software.

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7 Responses to R-Drive Image – Hard disk cloning software

  1. I like your site, well done! I?ll come by again soon.

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  3. Paul says:

    Thank you for the info sharing. I’ve been reading about R-Drive Image recently and got a lot of positive reviews from the other people using it. Previously, i used Norton Ghost for backing up my hard drive, i guess i should try this product instead. Its affordable too !!

  4. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Paul : Indeed it’s amazing software. I’m more than happy with it. Norton ghost is costly and provides same features which R-Drive image provides

  5. estetik says:

    R-Drive Image is a very useful application. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mark LaPointe says:

    I’m using the trial version of R-drive image. I want to “Copy a Disk to a Disk”. This is the clone feature everyone seems to like. But the software doesn’t recognize my network storage drive. I’d like to backup the C drive to this other drive. What gives?

  7. San Sneed says:

    Just a little iiece of advice If you spend overtwo hours and it's stillnot working take it to somone it pays if you time is worth anything an hour, Dont spend a dollar to save a dime. Just remember whoever you bought it from is living it up right now and guess who the butt of there joke is. just my .02 cents worth.

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