Review of Ecto for Windows – Blogging application!

ecto.jpgEcto – a desktop blogging client which is available for both Windows & Macintosh and thus one of the respected blogging desktop clients too (Many A list bloggers use Macintosh, at least those for sure whose blog I read regularly). Let’s see if this blogging software is that good or not. The software is bigger (around 8 Mb) than other blogging softwares and thus it should be feature rich and better in interface as well. But, whether it is good in interface & features or not, we’ll come to know about it shortly.

PROS of ecto :

1. WYSIWYG Editor & XHTML Support : As expected this software has the WYSIWYG editor and thus makes life simple for the blogger’s. It lets the bloggers also edit the XHTML and thus in case of any small editing of XHTML is required then it can be done easily.

2. Stable blogging software : ecto is one of the stable blogging desktop blogging client. It uses the .Net framework and it did crash once and that too only when, I’d loaded up the system too much and did many clicks (although the clicks were not required). But, comparatively it is a stable software.

3. Support for many blogging platforms : The software supports many blogging platforms and thus you’ll find your blogging platform as well.

4. Small but useful features : It has spell check, tag support, Flickr integration, old post editing, weblogs pings, automatic insertion of copied links etc. The features are certainly handy in making the life simple of any blogger.

CONS of ecto :

1. Bad Interface : The software has got a bad interface. It opens up in the main window first and lets you create a new post in a different window. However, other blogging clients have been able to achieve the same in just one window. There are certain options, which can be found in the main window and certain in the editing window of the blog. However, the blog editing window seems to be more composed but still the default position of the toolbars is somehow not so convincing and one may find himself lost in the buttons in starting.

2. No FTP Support : The software doesn’t have support for FTP. C’mon this is one feature, which is essentially required by the bloggers, who use their own hosted blogs. It is not required for the ones who trust on or etc.

Overall Rating & Views :

ecto for windows is a basic blogging software and certainly not my choice of blogging software. Considering the fact that this is NOT A FREE SOFTWARE, I expected too much from this software and I think that it is not bad to expect from this software when we have many free alternatives, which are leaps and bounds ahead of this software. I think the software needs much work and it must certainly look at what the competitors are offering and they must incorporate those features in this software as well.

Links : [ecto for windows] [Download ecto for windows]

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  1. Florian says:

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog :-)
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day :)

  2. reviewsaurus says:

    Thanks for that Florian :)

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