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flock.jpgFlock! The Social Browser!, Flock! The browser for bloggers! well, these are the statements which are creating the buzz for this browser. The browser which supports Michael Arrington (Monstrous traffic generator for startups) as well (Rather the company, who sponsors and the browser which uses the Gecko as its rendering engine. After, reading all this I’m sure anyone will consider this browser as the top and the best browser ever built and when it has the social tag around it then certainly it becomes the choice of the year as well (By the way, in case someone doesn’t know, then let me enlighten you that TIME has chosen “YOU” as the Person of the year!). But, does the browser gives you what it is boasting about ? Why is it still not doing the best, after having all these of frills wrapped around it ? Let’s find out all this in the review of this browser and as one of the blogging software as well. This piece of software will fall in two categories and one is the browser and the other is the blogging software. So, lets find out more about Flock!

PROS of Flock :

1. Social Features : The browser delivers the features which makes it social and thus their boasting that Flock is the social browser is also true. It incorporates many social sites or features like Flickr, Del.Icio.Us, blogging software etc. which make it social and thus anyone who is looking for remote storage and who wants to share the things with the whole world then they’ll find it as the best solution for that.

2. Reliable and proved rendering engine : Flock is based on Gecko and which is the heart of one of the most talked about browser and that is Mozilla Firefox. Thus, the fact that it is also one of the safe browser to use is also correct. However, we must keep in mind that safety also depends on the users as well.

3. Integrated RSS Reader & Blogging Client : Flock has integrated blogging client and RSS reader and thus writing and reading the blogs from inside this browser becomes super easy. It supports drag and drop of photos in the browser plugin, which actually helps you insert the photos or links or text with credits quite easily.

4. Nice Interface : The interface of the browser is quite similar to that of Firefox or Opera but still it has integrated the social networking features in the browser in a much better way and they don’t seem to obtrusive at all.

5. Basic Features : It has basic features like tabbed browsing, extension support, themes, pop-up blocker etc. Most of the extensions which work in Firefox, work in flock as well.

6. Cross Platform : Flock is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh and thus any user will not experience the problem of browser switch, in case they switch the operating system.

CONS of Flock :

1. Unstable Version : The software is still unstable and is in Beta version only. Thus, we can’t rely on this software much. I mean it has tendency of crashing now and then. I was going through some of the important sites and it crashed quite some time. So, the software needs to be developed fast, so that its stable version can come out and more people can use it safely.

Overall Rating & Views :

Flock is a nice piece of software or rather a browser. It has lots of features and the features which actually help a user rather than confusing them. The software has the ability of becoming the best browser around as well, but still it is not doing the best because it has yet not gained the love of the developers and thus it is failing to make a big mark. Even though, it is similar to Firefox but you won’t find many communities who promote Flock. It is the social browser but it still needs the communities to make it actually social.

Links : [Flock] [Download Flock]

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4 Responses to Review of Flock – The Social Browser!

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  4. MIKE says:

    I am on Flock now I like to check out all the Browsers Personally I use FireFox, Google Chrome & Opera the Most but lately Firefox crashes way to much, takes a long time to load & always has program not responding error. It takes forever to load just to my home page on Myspace. With that said Chrome started out pretty good for me actually & then flipped on me to being a laggy slow browser. Opera on the other had has yet to let me down, Flock is super fast & has great features however I am not sold yet but I may just use it for social network when on twitter,facebook or myspace. I think it will handle some of the most intense sites very well, Main problem with google chrome is shockwave crashing a lot & causing your browser to suffer which it shouldn't do.

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