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wbloggar.pngAfter going through the Review of Windows Live Writer Beta, I decided to again hunt the Internet for a good blogging software and then I came across w.bloggar. A software which is known for its simplicity and popularity. Let’s see how it stands and whether it becomes my choice of blogging software or not. The list of forthcoming reviews of blogging softwares is looking impressive, so I’ll suggest you to subscribe for the feed of ReviewSaurus.

Pros of w.bloggar :

1. Support for blogging platforms : It supports most of the blogging platforms and in fact has one of the biggest list of blogging platforms, supported by this software. I was not even sure of the available platforms, which it supports. I mean its list is so big that there are many blogging platforms which you may have not even heard of before.

2. Simplicity : The software is easy to understand, however it would have been nice to see some of the help for this software. there is no help of this software and thus it may get frustrating for some of those people who are not sure of certain features.

3. Stability : The software is stable and doesn’t crash at all. By at all, I mean that it is very stable as there is no software which will not crash at all. There may be some or the other conflict due to which any software can crash. Anyway, because it is final version and not a beta version and has been tested by many software testers thus we can trust on its stability.

4. FTP Support : w.bloggar also supports the FTP uploading of the media files. You just need to specify the FTP server and some small settings and it will upload the images for you and thus you’ll save yourself from the hassles of uploading an image and then including it in the post.

5. XHTML Support : It makes your posts in XHTML and thus the validation of your blog posts becomes good and thus various services like Technorati will not have any reasons of not indexing your blog. It also lets you easily insert the code provided by online video services like YouTube, Google Videos, revver etc.

6. Backup of Posts : Because, it lets you save the post files in various places on your hard drive. Thus, it means that it lets you backup your posts and thus any person will be much happy to do so, as they won’t loose out much in case of a server crash.

Cons of w.bloggar :

1. No WYSIWYG Editor : This is one of the biggest negative of w.bloggar. It only supports XHTML editing and thus fails to impress me on this benchmark. It may be loosing out on a big user group just because of lack of WYSIWYG editor.

2. No support for Tags : It doesn’t give easy option of inserting the tags in the posts. Not even the basic services like Technorati, which is a must for each and every blogger these days.

3. Image Editor : It will be nice to see, if it gives the support for image editor. However, as it is failing to give the support for WYSIWYG editor then it is bound to happen that it will not have the support for image editor as well.

w.bloggar is a nice and stable software with less features but better stability and simplicity. Although, it may be a bit difficult for beginners as it misses the WYSIWYG editor and also lacks the facility of tagging services like Technorati or Del.Icio.Us. But, it gives the facility of making the backup of the posts and also gives decent posting abilities and thus you can simply post as a draft using this software and then later publish using the blogging platform’s own editor, after making certain changes. Overall, it is a nice software and can be used by some experienced bloggers but they may find it bit frustrating because of no support for various important services.

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