UTorrent : Lightweight torrent client!

utorrent UTorrent is not a new name for torrent lovers. This software is the most lightweight bit-torrent client and has got tons of features. Here are some of the PROS and CONS of the bit-torrent client. Torrents are really good for sharing the files and saving the bandwidth for the webmasters. Many webmasters use torrent files to cut down the cost of bandwidth and it actually helps a lot.

PROS of (µ) UTorrent :

1. Extremely Light Weight : (µ) UTorrent is only around 200 Kb in size and while running too, it just uses nothing more than 5 Mb of memory. So, not only in terms of size but also in terms of load on RAM, its quite light.

2. Full of features : Even though (µ) UTorrent is such a light software, it has got tons of features and you can’t do the mistake of comparing it with any other heavy torrent client because it will give fight on each and every aspect. Support for DHT is one of the major functionality of this software.

3. Simple User Interface : (µ) UTorrent has quite sleek interface and simple to use too. The good thing is that it’s skinnable, so just in case you don’t like its interface, you may change it too.

4. Language support : (µ) UTorrent supports lots of languages and thus those people, who aren’t comfortable with English, will be able to use it in their native language. Right now, it supports 49 Languages but the number is increasing with time.

5. Web User Interface : (µ) UTorrent has beta running for the web user interface, which lets you control the torrents from a remote location too. Although this is an add-on and doesn’t come by default but still this functionality is not available in most of the torrent clients.

CONS of (µ) UTorrent :

*** None

Software Version & Summary :

Version : 1.7.2
License : Free
Limitations : No Limitation
Publisher : (µ) UTorrent
Download : Download µTorrent
OS Supported : Windows 95(winsock 2), 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP & Vista. Works on Linux too with Wine.

Overall Rating & Review :

µTorrent is one of the best torrent client and I’m sure that most of the torrent lovers will agree to it. It is full of features and probably that’s why the creator of Torrent technology bought it themselves. µTorrent was purchased by BitTorrent in December 2006. So, you can judge yourself that how impressive this software is, that it even impressed the creator of the technology.

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13 Responses to UTorrent : Lightweight torrent client!

  1. Venu says:

    I had read somewhere that µTorrent has the reputation of running on any version of windows (even a 486 running windows 95)

    If you want to add one more items to the PRO’s list, its the confirmation by µTorrent developers that they will not go for plug-in support.
    Azureus was so bloated with all those fancy plug-ins.

    Meanwhile never knew that BitTorrent bought µTorrent :)

  2. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Venu : Yes, that’s absolutely correct, it can run on win 95 with winsock 2 and can run of 486 as well.

    Well, I’ll say that plug-in support is always good, it gives the chance to other developers to show off their knowledge. I’ll rather say that, it’s a negative. Skype, wordpress and many other software have gained reputation because they allowed developers to create plug-ins.

    I’m glad that I enlightened you with that old news :)

  3. Vaibhav says:

    I use UTorrent and i find it as one of the best. The only problem i see is that we are not able to stop the uploading process, we can reduce it to 1 kbps, but canot completely stop it. Otherwise this is so fat the best torrent client i have ever used. :)

  4. I have been using it for 2 years now and just love it.

  5. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Vaibhav : Well, its not a problem but it’s good that it doesn’t allow to do that. Torrent technology is all about uploading too. Otherwise you’ll be called a leecher and that’s not any good.

    @ Madhur : Well, who won’t love it :) It’s just the best and that’s why everyone just loves it!

  6. B. Hurd says:

    With Utorrent, I get very good download speeds with portforwarding, but it seems to crash on a daily basis. Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any others that people recommend. I don’t care about it being SUPER lightweight, but it would be nice if it there was another standalone client.

    Speaking of which, why doesn’t utorrent offer their standalone version anymore?

  7. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ B. Hurd : Well, there is any better stand alone bitorrent client than utorrent. There stand alone version is still available, I just downloaded the latest build and it is standalone.

    I won’t recommend any other bittorrent client until some software company makes something better than utorrent.

  8. You were right with all the points. I just fell in love uTorrent! :)

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  10. Jon says:

    They should add http://www.seedpeer.com to the searchlist by default

  11. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Jon : Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ll write about seedpeer soon.

  12. john joe says:

    whats this i hear about utorrent developers putting a piece in the coding so that they can track the type of torrents you are downloading?

  13. adam says:

    Yes Utorrent does track what you are downloading and uploading/sharing. And they will turn you in to at least your ISP if you use their software for copyrighted material, mainly movies and music.

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