ScreenRip32 – Light weight screen capturing tool!

scrip32-logo The Software

A Screen capture tool that does its job without much fuss!
The free software has a neat and straightforward interface and offers you all general modes of screen capture.


It has the ability to capture any defined portion on the screen, be it a region, a window or full screen. The captured image can be stored in various formats such as BMP, JPEG, GIF,and ICO. It also allows you to create animated GIFs from a series of images,capture them in monochrome, 4 bit and 8 bit modes, include or exclude cursor from the image and create a duplicate image. The best part is – No installation is required to run it. It comes as stand alone application.


Bottom Line

With a package size of less than half an MB, it looks more than a useful tool

Software Details

Version: 1.0 Beta
License: Free
OS Requirements : Any platform which can run an EXE file
Homepage: ScreenRip32


3.5 Dinos out of 5

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3 Responses to ScreenRip32 – Light weight screen capturing tool!

  1. indyank says:

    lemme try this…

    Mayankk, what are the various criteria that you evaluate the software for, while giving them dinos and what weightage you assign to each criteria?

  2. ReviewSaurus says:

    Hey Indyank

    We evaluate the programs based on the ease of use and features. They are the things which count mostly in the rating.

    If the UI is better then it gets better rankings…but features and ease of use is the biggest factor.

  3. Binny V A says:

    I used to have this software back when I was on windows. Its a great software – easy to use and fast. But there is one important drawback – its a dead software – it has not been updated for years.

    Still, I will recommend it.

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