Top 10 Screen Sharing Softwares!

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1. RealVNC
Truly the real VNC! This comes from the original developers of the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) desktop sharing technology. It contains a Java based in-browser viewer and can be used across different platforms.

2. CrossLoop

Its forte is the ease of use. Just enter the 12 digit code generated by the software on the host PC and there you are!

3. ShowMyPC

This one connects by making shell calls to the open source SSH client plink and VNC Remote access software. It also allows you to use your own SSH server. Required just a password to connect!

4. Hidden Administrator

Versatile and rich in features, it can be used for all your desktop sharing needs. The only drawback is that it works only on Windows.

5.WinRemotePC Lite

This free software can help you connect to remote PCs through Internet or LAN. Its performance oriented as well as rich in features. The only problem though – once aagain a windows specific tool.

6. Remote-Anything
A multi platform, portable tool that can connect you to the slave PC penetrating the firewalls.

7. TeamViewer

Share the screen, transfer files, chat and do lots more across remote PCs. The software is easy to use and a standalone file thus requiring no installation.

8. Access Remote PC
Another efficient remote desktop tool which lets you connect to any PC regardless of firewalls, routers, and dynamic IP addresses. However a multi platform support could have made it a much better buy.

9. Im InTouch
All it requires to connect to a remote PC is a Web Browser. And is feature packed. But I think $ 99 is just too high and I think free software can just do the fine job.

10. Spy Agent
Its a Spy indeed, made more for monitoring a remote PC than actually sharing it. A perfect solution for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids!

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3 Responses to Top 10 Screen Sharing Softwares!

  1. Alek Davis says:

    Thank you for the info. You may want to add Yuuguu ( ) to the list. LogMeIn ( ) also seems to be a popular option.

  2. ReviewSaurus says:

    Hey Thanks a lot for the info Alek. Now we’ll be able to review Yuuguu too :)
    That seems to be a nice software too :)

  3. Agoes77 says:

    Try MIKOGO, the best sharing screen, simple and easy to use.

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