XnView – Image viewer or some thing more?

XnView is an image viewer, converter, screen capturing, basic image editing software. It has been around for some time and has got great reputation when the discussion comes about graphics viewers. Let’s see how good this software is and lets find out the PROS and CONS of this software in this review.

PROS of XnView :

1. Support for image formats : XnView supports around 400 image formats! It supports almost all the image formats which you can think of and even those which you may not have heard of. Although for some formats, it needs extra plugins but still the number of image formats supported by it, is huge. To check the supported formats, check this page.

2. Acts as basic editor : XnView has got the ability to edit the images too and  lets you save the images in another huge list of formats. It allows you to rotate, crop, resize, color editing and other editing features. XnView has got the option of applying filters like blur, emboss and average and there are effects like lens, wave, drop shadow, 3d, blur, gausin blur, noise, edge detection etc. So, it can help you in basic image editing too. It lets you also, use the filters of Photoshop for any detailed editing and that is one more addition to the features.

3. Support for many platforms : XnView is available for almost all of the available OSes. Like supported formats, it has got a huge list of OSes too. It is available for all versions of Microsoft windows i.e. windows 3.x and above, Mac OS X, Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD, Net Bsd, Irix Mips, Solaris Sparc, Solaris x86, HP Unix, AIX. Now, this is impressive. Isn’t it?

4. Acts as screen capturing utility : XnView has got screen capturing facility and offers decent options when it comes to capturing screenshots. Although it is not the most advanced screen capturing software, but most of the time, you’ll be able to do your work with its available options.

5. Batch conversion, Batch renaming utility : XnView is not only an image viewer or screen capturing utility but it can help you convert multiple files or lets you rename them easily through batch processing.

6. Explorer like interface : XnView has got explorer like interface and that’s why browsing files and images through it becomes quite simple. It lets you tag images and that can be handy for quick reach of important images. Integration with shell allows you to, preview the images or even lets you convert them, even when you’ve not opened up XnView. XnView has got much clean interface.

CONS of XnView :

I couldn’t find one, if you find any, please do let me know.

Overall View and Rating :

XnView is one of the best freeware utilities you’ll ever find. Not only it gives you the power of viewing almost any graphics format but it also lets you edit the images too. Screen capturing, batch conversion are added bonus. In simple words, it is one of the best image viewer I’ve ever seen and I’ll say that it is a must install for everyone!

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